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The emergencies are over act

End emergencies and reform laws
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The US has been in a legal state of emergency for a long time, allowing the government to ignore various restrictions and in general act against the best interests of its people.

This omnibus law would officially end every state of emergency and create a constitutional amendment providing that every future law couched in terms of states of emergency must come with a reasonable legal expiration data beyond which point it must be publicly debated before being reinstated.

Other countries may want their own versions of this.

Voice, Dec 19 2014


       You're mostly talking about the patriot act, which had/has exactly this sort of sunset clause. It got reinstated with minimal debate, because otherwise congress might be seen as "weak on terror".
MechE, Dec 19 2014

       Not an original idea this is basically the process as it stands.
rcarty, Dec 19 2014

       This idea is, in theory, what's meant to happen at present (as [MechE] pointed out).   

       However, the regular reinstatement of emergency laws doesn't seem to be subject to public approval, but only to the approval of congress. So, if the emphasis is on _public_ debate and approval, this is a novel idea.   

       More generally, it might be desirable for any new or renewed infringement of civil liberties to require a public vote.   

       Realistically, though, no government is going to risk letting democracy fall into the hands of the public.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2014

       Well that's obviously not true. The public is by definition the government, but that's more of a mandate than a suggestion what side the government is on. As people move away from public, ascending they may imagine into the nation, the state, the social, of course there is an issue with privacy where their opinion becomes official discourse. However, official discourses are rendered a little sloppily these days given the distributed nature of all knowledge and the ways power refers to it sometimes if necessary. A schism can be observed in the public and the social for example, with the use of public services being unpopular even amongst those that would benefit but don't want to image of descending class, after all that is a mistake in some actualization models. However, the public even though it is now a chitinous overgrowth of state health, and all sort of agencies working at all levels for a better tomorrow sort of deal, can still exist autonomously when despite being so grateful to everybody who helps and who cares and knows best, can still say that another's interests even in the public are still private, and may not necessarily reflect one's own. So it's full of dichotomy, not irony, not mutual exclusion, oxymoron, paradox not so many similar but dissimilar things, but simply an understanding that the public has many individual voices, and many of the people who work with the public are also working at other levels and for other interests. So, in complication even far beyond what I've only alluded to here, that hope for some kind of democracy is possible but not necessarily for the efforts of everyone acting together. In sum the public are private individuals despite how they are connected to some level of the state, and private individuals who are members of the state, are also public, but they are mandated to serve the public not appealing to social factors and the good of the nation the end.
rcarty, Dec 19 2014

       A graph of my attention span while reading the above annotation would approximate an inverse Heaviside function.
RayfordSteele, Dec 19 2014

       I can make it shorter: the public may want to revoke emergency laws, but what's in it for the government?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2014

       Who said anything about making something shorter did that happen one time before?
rcarty, Dec 19 2014

       The state can say that internationally. But introspectively even a disagreeable person represents some amount of nationality.
rcarty, Dec 19 2014

       Maybe you are offering yourself in appeasement?
rcarty, Dec 19 2014

       The public is not looking after its interests.
rcarty, Dec 19 2014

       Well that's sort of how I think about what I read in picture books and somethings about what can happen.
rcarty, Dec 19 2014

       //no individual actually votes to have the government snoop on them or torture people on their behalf//   

       But presumably many people vote for government powers which can help to identify terrorists and obtain evidence from them, in order to prevent terrorist atrocities?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2014

       What other word can you say aside from terrorist atrocities, anarchist, criminal, public, not involved in anything legitimate, maybe do a little specific identification instead of grouping everyone who does the same thing into the same united fascia. The easy magistrate revealed.
rcarty, Dec 19 2014

       //Elections are like magic.//   

       That was my point. Actually, they're not quite like magic - it's more just salesmanship.   

       Ask the public if they want the emails of American citizens to be read by the government - "no".   

       Ask the public if the government should have the right to identify terrorists in America by reading their emails - "yes".
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2014

       Anyway watching and following someone is so normal now, there actually isn't a private life anymore I guess for anybody.
rcarty, Dec 19 2014

       What I'm seeing is that there's a bunch of crazy fuckers out there who want to blow shit up.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2014

       You would never think or do something harmful to anyone. In fact that's not a basic drive that underlies all things. It's actually to help That's healthy, and health is a quality of life therefore help is the most healthy natural things. Actually no its all a front for passive aggression for ideology and social design. Even Sienfeld thinks he has autism now and his show is all about individuality and everything like that. Medicalizing social relations and adaptive fronts to become harmonious with technology are rhizomic.
rcarty, Dec 19 2014

       It is when you are a waste of time. Modernity is being modern enough to survive and you're saying I can't understand that. Not really a semantic jigsaw more just like seeing a symbol and turning a card over. Modern refers to nothing except some sort of contemporary obstacle that someone opposes. Yes the self-satisfied survival of the fittest when you argue in favor of the obstacle.
rcarty, Dec 19 2014

       Don't feed the troll, [bigs].
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2014

       You have no power to make those determinations fool.
rcarty, Dec 19 2014

       That's nothing this is a website for halfbaked ideas. The rcarty era idea is marked for deletion by me I want it to be deleted. There is no other rcarty era.
rcarty, Dec 19 2014

       //capitalise on a tangential discussion// But this is a tangential website!
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2014

       " What I'm seeing is that there's a bunch of crazy fuckers out there who want to blow shit up "   

       Now THERE'S a tagline.
normzone, Dec 19 2014

       //not sure if [MB] was just being an arse or has bought in to the 'but I don't understand it, kill them all !' dialogue//   

       You seem to be dismissing the possibility of "both".
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2014

       Stemmed like a soybean stem?
rcarty, Dec 19 2014

       //You have no power to make those determinations fool.//   

       This sentence is crying out for either (a) a comma before the "fool" or (b) something else after him - either a noun phrase, such as "half the people, half the time", or a simple "around".
pertinax, Dec 20 2014

       ...or c) a post script such as 'You ain't gettin' me in no airplane!'

//What I'm seeing is that there's a bunch of crazy fuckers out there who want to blow shit up.//

Well, if people keep voting for them, what can you do?

//The US has been in a legal state of emergency for a long time//

Not in the grand scheme of things. In the UK we are still paying an income tax that was originally introduced to finance the war against Napoleon. If you give politicians power of any sort, they will (generally) cling onto it until you prize it out of their hands.
DrBob, Dec 20 2014

       //This sentence is crying out for either (a) a comma before the "fool" or (b) something else after him - either a noun phrase, such as "half the people, half the time", or a simple "around".//   

       This says nothing but rules.
rcarty, Dec 20 2014

       // In the UK we are still paying an income tax that was originally introduced to finance the war against Napoleon.//   

       And, when it was introduced, it was clearly indicated that it was a "temporary measure". I think it's high time somebody said "Ahem" in no uncertain terms and asked for some kind of explanation.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 20 2014

       Stop paying taxes, it doesn't take away someone else' s right to live as you seem to relish in a systematic way. People can subside as they have for generations, given economic circumstances that are not designed to eliminate them. The fittest people you hypothesize end up being health and policing master race that spreads tentacles in cross border partnerships etc. But if you actually see them they're just your mixed up orphan bastards. I try to enjoy reading history but how can it be enjoyed? And other people's children have to become orphans in your total institutions to try and become like yours? That collective love , help and caring continues?   

       Then comes the massive interpretation side, my comments have nothing to do with breeding or children of certain circumstances. But the exact social and ideological constructions that are historically relevant, not to mention how they are discussed today, even as allegations directed towards one massive religion's priests, when there was sexual abuse in the entire christian competition biopower system. I'd imagine that all priests are sexual abusers from perfectly normal paintings, instead of assuming they are devil free which is only an assumption people make that is wrong. Given that it factors devil into the equation.   

       Fascism is a type of socially bundling physics hallucination of all forms and all contents. But not all of fascism is included in that. Ones can expect some or constant involvement in that by others in their lives from a young age, and designings of their own worldview of you in that. Such as unwelcome members of a randomly selected housing community in a real estate market and the totalization of experience and worldview in that select group of designing actants, and the persistent educationalists from traditional residential schools. For example a society that designs a certain identity of the person, when in actuality the person is in conflict with their superiority ideology. Personally the involvement of other political nationals in my life under clan canadanada banner has actually been just a confusing set of unwelcome experiences. For what it's worth that statement is what ethical egoists design to prevent. What sort of ego-effective, subject-object affective comments are appropriate and healthy to direct at 'we' or one's wee.   

       Terrorism is like mass shootings, both are ultimately illegitimate without any sort of understanding of behavior except for an ultimate determination of someone acting healthily or policingly which is entire set of traceable discourses hopefully unless that physics has been undermined by organizational power as well in some sort of collective-anticollective flux been individual community, agency etc. partinerships, and other corporate noise. Ultimately I have found some endemic problems inside institutions that allow for accepted practices in certain areas related to sexuality and heath which is at bottom the entire physical existential domain from a certain standpoint. From the standpoint of justifying certain behaviors as healthy someonw who does not exhibit* those clinical orientations are put in opposition to health agents, which makes them look like they are antihealth which is a type of fascist regulation. For example listening to a doctor on a medical debate about autism and vaccinations it was just like listening to a machine that generates types of acceptable smartness, when in reality I would choose to support the anti-vaccination campaign for so many reasons about access to bodies, autism and what that's about, health collectivists, helicopters etc.
rcarty, Dec 20 2014

       //asked for some kind of explanation.   

       Fear of reincarnation of Napoleon? I'm sure the 567 word anno above contained some merit.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 20 2014

       Why does the number of words matter are you calculating something? Do you want to see a large amount of streaming text?
rcarty, Dec 20 2014

       I find it hard to believe that preparing for any conceivable war with France would cost more than, oh, a few hundred pounds.   

       I have long had a strong suspicion that my income taxes are being frittered away on things like health care, education and "public amenities", whatever they are. It is high time that questions were asked in the House.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 20 2014

       Absolutely people probably want less interference by those desperately trying to hold on to power in a demographically surging globe. To become educated should be a choice someone should be able to make as they progress as they react to the educated that try to impose themselves, and attach themselves to your life. Certainly I haven't received much vital health care except for the disciplinariansim or believe what I have been taught which I have largely rejected without listening in favor of my own thoughts and actions my whole life. Except in the presence of the particular predatory overseer that determines if a person is learning properly, in which case assimilation is the only option. Even the public sector has a sort of 'thankful christian' ethical egoism attached to it, suggesting that a person must be grateful for all they have been given and in what ways towards the collective. At some points it does seem that a person begins to consume health care given how health referency every aspect of media is and affected people are, and how easily it is to introduce agents to the body that cause some breakdown etc. For example [Voice] tried to make an idea that scambles brains and there are other things yo ucan say to people, like you are looking sick or whatever to make them feel bad and look bad.
rcarty, Dec 20 2014


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