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stay at home parent law

Brought to you from the commie fascist capitalist department of family and the economy
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People are complaining about how there is a lack of time for children's because of too much work. Also people are complaining about lack of jobs in general in a typical modern economy.

Well, just as how banning children from working helped increase living standards, and improving the bargaining power of the remaining worker pool (supply and demand)...

Perhaps we could enforce a rule to ensure that only a single parent in a family unit, can be employed at any given working day.

Kr1ll1nX from reddit highlighted these benefits:

+ Less employment competition in the local economy.

+ Housework obligations are met, reducing stress on both.

+ Businesses receive a steady flow of customers throughout operating hours, as opposed to boom\bust shifts.

+ Children receive better attention and care.

+ Keeping up a household is a full time job, and even more so when kids are involved. However, the pros far outweigh the cons for all parties involved.

mofosyne, May 11 2014

reddit comment by Kr1ll1nX http://www.reddit.c...as_designed/chezyif
[mofosyne, May 11 2014]

Alternative marriage types on the horizon http://www.thenewam...an-unconstitutional
As mentioned in an annotation. [Vernon, May 11 2014]


       You can't be sure that this system will allow the single working parent to earn enough to provide for the family.--that is exactly why many parents work TWO jobs each, not just one.   

       However, there is an alternative. Ever heard of "group marriage"? The laws that are allowing same-sex marriage are going to end up also allowing polygamous and polyandrous marriages, and more. So, imagine a group of 3 bisexual couples that decide to marry as a group. That means 5 of them can go work at various jobs, and the 6th can do the child-raising.....
Vernon, May 11 2014

       Or just wait for polyspecific marriages to become legal, and leave the goldfish at home.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 11 2014

       This would discourage people from having children.
tatterdemalion, May 11 2014

       Well, that's a plus.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 11 2014

       I like Vernon's idea of marrying up some unpaid help into the family. Probably there would be lots of takers who need the immigration help.
bungston, May 11 2014

       A few thoughts:   

       •There must be better category than 'other:general'   

       •Banning people from doing anything (except things that are harmful to yourself or others) is generally a bad idea. Banning people on a discriminatory basis is even worse.   

       •Many (most?) parents work because they *want* to (not because they need to). They enjoy the intellectual stimulation and variety (from home life) that work provides (and of course the increased income).   

       •One childcare worker taking care of 5 kids is much more efficient that one parent taking care of one or two children. Childcare is also better equipped for socialising and entertaining children.   

       •You have conflated two fairly separate issues (lack of quality time with kids vs lack of employment) to come up with an idea that happens to conform with a 1950s utopian view of the world. I believe there is less overlap between these problems than you do.
xaviergisz, May 11 2014

       Fascist, evil, ineffective, interesting, bizarre, and somewhat original. [+]
Voice, May 11 2014


       (on a sidenote, using that tag as such might give the impression that it's up to a mod to pick a category)
FlyingToaster, May 12 2014

       public:general I think
Voice, May 12 2014

       more culture: general, no ?
FlyingToaster, May 12 2014

       (-) Don't need no mo laws.
cudgel, May 12 2014

       //using that tag as such might give the impression that it's up to a mod to pick a category// - no, it would make people think it's OK to be too lazy to choose a category
hippo, May 12 2014

       It is interesting, the polygamy question. I quite like the idea of a service at the end of which the whole row of individuals all take about 5 minutes to interchange rings, vows and kiss one another while the congregation waits politely.   

       However, I'd imagine that the real difference in a polygamous marriage is that most times, it's one that evolves - so far as it's less likely that Adam, Eve and Evelina all meet at once and get married together, than Evelina runs into them one night and things develop from there. That's where perhaps a polygamous marriage is different in that the parties involved, evolve over time. Assuming tax benefits are carried over, it might be interesting to see emerge large corporate marriages where the entire workforce is considered a family unit, redefining what the term "housework" might entail altogether.
Zeuxis, May 12 2014

       [Zeuxis] - and Christmas would be awful.
hippo, May 12 2014

       Many parents (myself included) have worked from home just fine, running small businesses, or consulting. With so many contractors & flex workers increasing, how do you define "work"? This idea is looking to go backwards, rather than forwards, IMO.   

       And, yes, kids are better when socialized (outside the home). But, if every kid had a parent at home, perhaps they'd all play in the streets like we did back in the 1970's.
sophocles, May 13 2014


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