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The Musicians

This series of movies has the music always played by real people
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The opening scene shows a woman reading a slip of paper and there's romantic music with some opening subtitles, then the camera looks around and you see the musicians playing the music.

When the horror scene starts you see the Tuba guy in the mirror. There's a chase through an ongoing opera (which is standard in Sherlock Holmes) but then when the tune changes pitch and they are on the street you see the musicians playing the off- tune tune.

The musicians are supposedly not part of the movie and have nothing to do with the plot, but by chance they are always present. Even when the guy in the car turns on the radio. (There's a flash over to the studio, and you see the guy telling the news and the musicians playing the advertisement.)

At some point it starts becoming disturbing, especially since the title of the movie was The Musicians, but the plot seemingly has nothing to do with them or their story.

The ending scene has the names of the players in the titles and each one stands up, showing their face and ruining the effect that we're all alone on the porch looking at the forest landscape.

There's still one last snake left unacounted for, so the audience cannot leave just as yet, and standing up, they stay while the subtitles continue running.

After the words THE END, and the scene with the cat killing the snake, and after the final music reaches its climatic ending, there is silence. The music has stopped, and it is finally revealed that the murder victim in the second scene was the second violinist and that the sniper gun which was used was actually a trombone.

The murderer is sent to work camp on an isolated Island but there too he hears the music.

During the movie he had tried to prove himself innocent, and now it is revealed that no one actually died. There was no murder in the first place, and it was just a plot to frame him. The shot that was heard was actually the sound of a whip on stage, played by the drummer.

The movie ends with a solo picolo trailing away. The camera turns and we see it played by a woman. The woman who read the letter at the beginning.

pashute, Jul 02 2021


       I've seen a couple of movies that do this for at least a few scenes. One might have been animated... (I see a lot of movies.)
But a whole movie, with the "on screen" musicians in the scenes, would be very cool!
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 02 2021

       + nice story idea
xandram, Jul 02 2021

       I agree. Nice shutie.
blissmiss, Jul 04 2021

       Well, this would be helpful for my "Hire a horn section to follow you around" idea.
normzone, Jul 05 2021

AusCan531, Jul 06 2021

       [+] There as a wispy shaddow`when needs must, those elite players.
wjt, Jul 11 2021


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