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The other Spiral Slug Stopper

"I'm OK, I'm wearing an SSS vest"
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This odd form of armor consists of a large spiral cone made from kevlar and ceramics, which is worn on the upper body. The point of the cone faces the wearer, and is secured by an elaborate (some would say sexy) system of straps.

The base of the cone faces outwards. When engaged in a gunfight, bullets enter the open base of the cone and expend their velocity in traversing the multiple spirals of the cone. The wearer can remove and examine them at their leisure after defeating their opponent.

normzone, Jun 03 2006

Credit where credit is due Spiral_20Slug_20Stopper
[normzone, Jun 03 2006]


       This idea is obviously perfect.
epicproblem, Jun 04 2006

       Save for the unweildy-ness of a large cone which may or may not stp the bullet.
jellydoughnut, Jun 04 2006

       Cool, sounds like a human gumball dispenser.
skinflaps, Jun 04 2006

       I like this idea, especially the possibility of taunting the enemy after a firefight - also, after a good MG barrage, you have enough bullets for a very unconventional set of maracas.
Saruman, Jun 04 2006

       What if the spiral were short enough to alter the direction of the slug but sent the bullet back in the direction it came from?   

       Also the sight of this armor would cause your opponent to pause long enough to say "What the hell..." and get himself shot.   

       [normzone] when you test this with live ammo, make sure someone videotapes it.   

       I wonder why this idea isnt baked....?
MoreCowbell, Jun 06 2006

       //What if the spiral were short enough to alter the direction of the slug but sent the bullet back in the direction it came from?//
Then it would be the "Right Back At Cha' Vest" see top right.
methinksnot, Jun 06 2006

       gee this is as good as wearing a vest of really big springs....doubly good if you fall over..... watch out for snails in mating season though....[-]
Half-life below 40yrs, Nov 29 2006

       Didn't Madonna bake this in one of her music videos?
ye_river_xiv, Feb 23 2007

       Sounds like a giant ear trumpet. "Stop or I'll shout!"
moomintroll, Feb 23 2007


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