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Spiral Slug Stopper

A fence to keep slugs out.
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This fence has a curl - shaped cross - section and is made from plastics or wood. In the convex part of the curl, you put sand, salt or commercial slug repellent. A slug creeps in, up the curl and into the convex part where it is either repelled or killed, depending on the filling.

The advantages over normal fences are: 1. It looks unusual and original. 2. The filling keeps dry. All conventional anti - slug measures do not work when wet, which limits their usefulness in practice. 3. Snails can not creep over it, while they can overcome most other obstacles.

The fence has a portion extending into the ground, to keep slugs from burrowing through, of course.

Saruman, Jun 03 2006

A sketch of my idea http://i76.photobuc...s/Schneckenzaun.jpg
A quick sketch of this fence I did in Paint [Saruman, Jun 03 2006]

Now look what you've started... Over there -> The_20other_20Spiral_20Slug_20Stopper
[normzone, Jun 04 2006, last modified Jun 21 2006]

Second picture down http://www.gsgroup.co.za/03fn.html
[normzone, Jun 21 2006]


       Whats wrong with slugs?
epicproblem, Jun 03 2006

       Nothing, as long as they keep out of my salad. This is why this fence can be loaded with non-lethal stuff such as sand (they can not crawl over it, so they turn back) or slug repellent.
Saruman, Jun 03 2006

       could the slug "rear up" and stick onto the thing above the gap?
sninctown, Jun 03 2006


po, Jun 03 2006

       I welcome ways to prevent these critters from eating my plants, but with a title like this, this idea should be for a novel form of bullet-proof vest - as a matter of fact, off to post.
normzone, Jun 03 2006

       Copper has been shown to be an effective all-weather repellant. They're making all kinds of products out of it. Still, the fence looks kind of cool, and could hold other pesticides, adhesives, and whatnot.
nayhem, Jun 03 2006

       I notice that slugs can go the opposite way, by falling off the overhang. You can export your slugs to the neigbours.
Loris, Jun 05 2006

       Slugs can't crawl across sand?
bungston, Jun 21 2006

       Not very well - see link.
normzone, Jun 21 2006


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