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The wet greyhound

Soak greyhounds and win races with them
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The wearing of a thin, cool, wet blanket or salve that serves the same purpose would, in theory, improve the performance of a racing dog. I've been unable to find regulations permitting it, but also any reference to the use thereof.
Voice, Dec 03 2020



       Pros and cons.
Pro: Possibly optimized aerodynamics.
Con: Increased weight.
Pro: Still possibly optimized aerodynamics.
Con: Possible surface tension issues causing increased drag.

       Any rules against shaving them bare?   

       The idea is to wick away body heat.
Voice, Dec 03 2020

       A greyhound track is only 400m or so; the dogs don't run for long enough to build up a significant heat burden, and muscles need to be warm to work optimally.   

       It may not actually be helpful except in very hot conditions.
8th of 7, Dec 03 2020


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