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Tridogblading Mushroom Cup

Coming soon, Shrinking!
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A longer version of a converted dogtrack/ rollerderby rink will be the sight of the contest. You and three other color-coded racers will be competing to see who can make it three times around the track first.

Each racer will have 3 trained racing dogs that will be connected to a center ring. You will hold onto a retractable leash which will connect to the ring. You will be wearing inline skates.

The race starts and a mechanical rabbit entices the dog to bolt around the track as quickly as possible. As you fly around the track, handled boxes will come from underneath the track that can be grabbed when you go by. These boxes can be opened and will contain various types of homing robots to stop your opponents from finishing the race before you do. These robots, shaped like turtle shells, will seek out whatever color driver's button you press and track them down. Once they arrive at their targets they can release smoke in front of them , release a juicy steak for the dogs, or create an oil slick.

If you can train your dogs to jump ramps there may be shortcuts , where you can finish the race quicker.

leinypoo13, Jan 14 2008


       {wanders across the track, looking for the mushrooms}
pertinax, Jan 15 2008

       It'sa him! It'sa Mario!   

       Ah, when you say "dog", you mean "bowling ball with teeth"?   

       Umm, i think this might not work too well. But it could be a new adaptation for MarioKart. MarioSkate.. MarioSled..   

       I think that the "handled boxes" should instead be equipped with anti-gravity, and you break them with your head and catch the shell-bots. Also you should get walking bombs (I mean, we're already infringing copyrights, so why not?)   

       [+] It made me laugh.
TahuNuva, Jan 16 2008


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