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Theatre, Theatrical Production, Drama, Play

Need representation for the live theatrical arts
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I noticed that under "Culture" there's no slot for theatrical productions - ideas for dramas or comedies, new ways to do Shakespeare, etc. There is "Culture: Music: Shows" that could cover Broadway musicals etc., but I couldn't see where one might put an idea for a play... Please let me know (I'm sure you will) if I simply missed one that already exists...
smendler, Feb 24 2009

this ? http://www.halfbake..._20Art_3a_20Theatre
[FlyingToaster, Feb 24 2009]


       aha, thank you!
smendler, Jun 01 2009

       [Enter stage left the Evil Sorceror. He attempts to give the audience a winning smile but just looks as if he is in pain].

Evil Sorceror: "Hello children! I don't suppose you've seen that pesky Art/Theatre category have you?"

Audience: "It's behind you!"

Evil Sorceror: [looks behind him but the Art/Theatre category quickly ducks out of sight behind some conveniently placed scenery vaguely resembling a stand of trees] "Oh no it isn't!"

Audience: "Oh yes it is!"

Evil Sorceror: "Oh no it isn...Oh never mind!" [His shoulders slump in defeat as he exits stage right]

[Arts/Theatre category emerges from behind trees and thumbs nose at departing Evil Sorceror's back. There is a tremendous bang and a puff of smoke appears from the wings, stage left. Arts/Theatre category drops down dead]

[Enter stage left the Big White Hunter, armed with a blunderbuss and accompanied by a native bearer]

Big White Hunter: "Got the bugger!"

[He walks over to the dead category and gives it a nudge with his boot]

Big White Hunter: "Ha! Stone dead. What a shot!"

[Addresses native bearer who looks incredibly bored]

"Mind you, as categories go, this one is quite small. Did I ever tell you about the time that I killed Halfbakery/Words armed only with a cocktail stick and a sock full of custard?"

[Stage Curtain crashes down dramatically]

The End.
DrBob, Jun 02 2009


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