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Weblogs category

For blog-related ideas
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How about a category for ideas related to the medium of weblogging (or blogging, as it's sometimes called)? Some of them (archive-navigation interfaces, link attribution protocols, &c) may be a bit esoteric for the general "Computer:Web" area.

The obvious place for it would be under "Computer", though "Culture" may be an alternative.

acb, Apr 14 2001


       Are there ideas that you think should go under there? If so, link to them.   

       I believe categories are created in response to ideas, not vice versa. If you want to post ideas about weblogs, go right ahead. If there are enough of them, the site maintainer will probably create a category to hold them all.   

       As I understand it, the category framework is designed to sort the ideas people have already posted, not to dictate what kinds of ideas are or are not legitimate.
egnor, Apr 14 2001


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