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Turntable supermarket

supermarket on a turntable
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I was going to post an idea whereby the supermarket car park was in the form of a turntable, so that you would arrive and park in the empty space next to the entrance of the shop. Meanwhile the carpark slowly rotates so that your car is gently taken away, but by the time you have finished shopping it has returned to the door ready to be driven away (thereby vacating the spot right by the supermarket entrance)

However I see that this is a silly suggestion because I have a much better idea.

The supermarket is circular and the car park is in the form of a torus. You drive in and park beside the door of the supermarket. But while you are shopping the entire building rotates away from your car. It will complete one full circle while you shop so that you return to the door to find your car parked right outside.

There can be a nice coffee shop beside the door so that if you are super fast or super slow at your shopping you can sit and drink coffee while you wait for the shop to rotate round to your parking location again.

pocmloc, Mar 13 2022

Shameless Elf Promotion The_20Spinning_20Tower_20of_20Pisa
[21 Quest, Mar 13 2022]


       Car park could be two or three rows deep. Or multi storey
pocmloc, Mar 13 2022

       Just rotate through the fourth dimension allowing everyone to use the same single parking space.
Voice, Mar 13 2022

       Shopping durations are just too variable for this to work as proposed. "Drive through" supermarket would be better; long & thin, shelves where you can reach them out the car window.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 13 2022

       What Neutrino said.
21 Quest, Mar 13 2022

       But that would be terrible...
Voice, Mar 14 2022

       //Something tells me a parking lot Ferris wheel won't work.//   

       Where is Something's sense of fun?
pertinax, Mar 14 2022


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