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Theobromine Content On the Label

Fluffy ate a bag of chocolate chips..Uh Oh
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Include the milligrams of theobromine on packages of chocolate goods. This is so when you find your dog wagging his tail next to an empty box of oreos or a box of milkduds, you can decide whether or not to immediately take him to emergency veterinary services.
leinypoo13, Aug 11 2008

Theobromine_poisoning http://en.wikipedia...eobromine_poisoning
Two hours to get to a vet [leinypoo13, Aug 11 2008]


       Eminently practical. And I don't even have a dog. +
phundug, Aug 11 2008

       my Dino ate a whole box of chocolates with no side effects whatsoever. she was a very skinny lurcher cross who also consumed a packet of aspirin another time. in fact, she would eat almost anything. perhaps, mongrels have less sensitive systems?   

       ah, after reading the link - it was most probably milk chocolate...
po, Aug 11 2008

       This would also be useful for humans who enjoy or are allergic or addicted to theobromine. [+]
Spacecoyote, Aug 11 2008

       This would also be useful for gods who want to know how much of their food is in the package.
baconbrain, Aug 11 2008

       Surely God knows already, and isn't particularly concerned either way.
theleopard, Aug 11 2008


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