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Thief marker

Makes Car thieves "Stand Out" in a crowd
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This is for use WITH an existing alarm system. It consists of a Nozzle, a bit of flex-tubing, an electric valve, and a pressurized container of Skin Dye and Odorant. How it works: When the alarm goes off- the Creep is in the Car- the Valve opens and discharges the contents of the Pressurized container through the nozzle mounted in the middle of the Steering Wheel horn button, giving the Creep (car thief) a bath. The dye would be permanent, of a really GROSS color, and the Odorant would gag a Skunk. It would be no problem for the Police to find the Creep, they'd just have to follow their noses. Changing the seat covers is certainly cheaper than rreplacing the car.
Goibneu, Mar 13 2004

Why just mark them when you can char them? http://www.cnn.com/.../flame.thrower.car/
I think being on fire will make them stand out. [oatcake, Oct 04 2004]

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       What happens if (states the obvious)
thumbwax, Mar 13 2004

       Yeah, what if?
FarmerJohn, Mar 13 2004

       <semi-off-topic>The bank I worked at was robbed by a young man who understood the concept of "marker money" or "bait." (A bundle of bills containing an exploding dye packet, designed to be set off upon removal from the vicinity of the bank.) He removed the "bait" from the bag before he left the bank and stuffed it down his trousers...   

       The police found him about half a block away writhing around on the ground.</s-o-t>   

       Make it a poisoned spike that shoots up through the bottom of the seat and I might vote for it.
ato_de, Mar 13 2004

       Bearing in mind the amount of times car alarms go off for no reason, I'd have to say: bad idea, paint-filled car.
kropotkin, Mar 13 2004

       Various marking thieves with dye schemes are Baked, though I haven't seen it for cars. The problem with doing it for your car is when your toddler is playing in the front seat,or you are groggy from not having had your first cup of coffee.
DrCurry, Mar 14 2004

       Some pepper sprays come with UV dye, to identify the criminial later.
js_530, Mar 14 2004

       No good. Spend 10 minutes standing in a supermarket or mall parking lot and see how many people accidentally set off their own alarms.
waugsqueke, Mar 14 2004

       I've spent hours in big superstore parking lots waiting on somebody and have only seen one person set off their own vehicles alarm system, and that was a 8 year old girl
dickity, Mar 14 2004

       Sounds a bit young to have her own vehicle.
waugsqueke, Mar 14 2004


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