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Third World Laundromat

See How The Other Half Lives.. er, um... Cleans
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Come on down to the river with your laundry. Put a few coins in the slot and a rock is dispensed. Stoop down, deep knee-bend style, and beat your laundry with the rock until it's clean. After wringing them out, you may place your items out to dry on our conveniently placed large flat-topped boulders (for a few dollars more). Give your rock back to the attendant on your way out.
Grogster, Dec 15 2012


       [+] Dah! Don't mix colored and white loincloths!
Letsbuildafort, Dec 15 2012

       If you're going to wear a loincloth, be careful where you aim your treasure as you stoop down... you might scare the fish.
Grogster, Dec 15 2012

       I want a different rock. This one looks beat.
cudgel, Dec 15 2012

       Would it make you feel any better knowing the attendant sanitized it for your protection?
Grogster, Dec 15 2012

       Okay, I'm going down to the river to air out my dirty laundry right now.
rcarty, Dec 15 2012

       Widely Known To Exist - it's called camping.   

       Okay, the coin slot is a new wrinkle...
normzone, Dec 15 2012

       Be sure to ask the attendant about our new "One-Time Laundry Insurance" --- not everyone is careful with their rocks (or their soiled nappies).
Grogster, Dec 15 2012

       Rocks give ya that deep-down, caveman clean you just don't get these days.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 16 2012

       I think the whole beat-clothes-with-a-rock thing is fiction. I might push my clothes up against a rock, same as I'd push them against the side of a bucket, but beating sounds wrong. (Maybe somebody was softening leather or bark or something, to MAKE clothes ...)   

       Drying clothes on a rock works pretty well, though. I once rigged up a clothesline, while the local women were spreading their clothes on sun-warmed boulders. They were peeling dried clothes off the rocks while I was still trying to hang clothes without clothespins.
baconbrain, Dec 16 2012

       // As the stone mason said "it was gneiss work, if you could get it"//   

Grogster, Dec 16 2012

       //I think the whole beat-clothes-with-a-rock thing is fiction//   

       The origin of the practice likely began with the sad recipient still wearing said clothing during the wash cycle...
Grogster, Dec 16 2012


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