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Washn'go Dry in The Sky

launder clothes sheets and towels, and dry in the sky
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Washn'go Dry in The Sky is the name given to the latest chain of environmentally friendly launderettes, franchises which are currently on offer. (contact me for details)

These new launderettes all feature mountain side locations where the air is fresh and clean.

Each new laundrette offers the same service; affordable wash and dry with your items being returned, smelling as fresh as the air in the sky.

Here's how it works: There are two parts to the laundrette. One is on the ground (it does the washing) and the other is in the sky, located inside a platform hanging under a tethered balloon that hovers directly above the washing base. Two sets of continuously slow moving cables run from the base skywards towards the balloons.

Laundry is cleaned in the base laundrette using the latest low energy consumption machines, but it's the drying process that makes "Washn'go Dry in The Sky" unique. Once washed and rinsed, all laundry is secured to the first looped cable using special clips or placed in air transparent bags (means netting). Detachable identity tags are used to ensure that no item gets lost in the entire process.

This cable, with laundry attached, then ascends from the building and into the sky towards the tethered balloon, inside of which the second laundry crew quickly detaches each item as it enters the floor of the balloon's platform. The cable is on a continuous loop, going up to the balloon, then travelling over a pulley wheel located inside the second component of the laundrette.

Items which remain damp are attached to the downwards loop of the cable and sent back towards the laundrette.

When they reach the ground they should be dry, otherwise they are sent skywards again, this time on the second cable. Totally dry laundry is bagged up in the balloon, and dropped down a long tube like a builder's shoot, from where it is collected then sorted according to the id tags and made ready for collection, now smelling of nice mountain fresh air.

xenzag, Aug 08 2014

mine were dried by birds in the sky! Raptor_20Lines
[xandram, Aug 08 2014]


       But what about the Yeti?
not_morrison_rm, Aug 08 2014

       The Yeti is all in your mind ... all in your mind ... <increasing echo effect> all in your mind ... AAALLLLLL IINNNNN YYYYOOOUUURRRR MMMIIINNNDDDDDDDD .....   

       We are disappointed to note that this idea does not involve trailing washing behind aircraft, like a banner ...
8th of 7, Aug 08 2014

       I'm not sure what you need the mountain for. Is not the balloon at a high enough altitude for experiencing clean air? I note that the balloon needs to be big enough to lift the weight of the looped cable, the laundry attached to the cable, and its tether cables. I don't see that it matters a lot what is under the balloon, so long as you have permission to secure the tethers (at least 3) at locations surrounding the laundromat.
Vernon, Aug 08 2014

       Mountain air is generally clear of city smog.
xenzag, Aug 08 2014

       //We are disappointed to note that this idea does not involve trailing washing behind aircraft, like a banner//   

       If you go through clear air, that's drying sorted, a cloud is the rinse cycle. We just need a detergent delivery system. I recommend re purposed FLAK cannons.
bs0u0155, Aug 08 2014

       No way I'm airing out my dirty laundry for the world to see...
RayfordSteele, Aug 08 2014


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