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Tree texts

Make advertising capital from forestry
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Softwood forrests planted for regualr logging cover large areas, often entire hill sides. Where they run allong roads they could be made to serve as massive natural bill boards. Basically you plant a background grid of one type of tree, say spruce. then to "type" your message replace indevidual trees in the matrix with a type of tree whith a distinctly different foliage colour, say pine. It'd be like a giant dot matrix printer. Obviously the adverts are long lived, changing the message means gurbbing out the entire hillside. So the messages would most likely be from big brands with well known long established logos they aren't going to change in six months. "Picture things like giant Ford or Coca-cola logos on hillsides. "The maintenence would be minimal, the trees will last years and being evergreen will be visible all year round. Best of all they'd be near on graffiti proof! The revenue from tree advertising could be quite large.
Bronzewing, Aug 09 2004

paint a picture on a thousand trees... http://www.halfbake...20Forest_20of_20Art
[po, Oct 04 2004]

The 'Swastika Forest' near Zernikow http://www.heathenw...swastika/trees.html
[angel, Oct 04 2004]

LUECKE in trees http://earth.jsc.na...alRes/default5.htm#
scroll all the way down, pic on the left [luecke, Oct 04 2004]


       More or less baked (linky). How widely known to be so is open to debate, but Goooogle returns 14,900 hits to "forest+swastika".
angel, Aug 09 2004

       Aren't you already bombarded with enough advertising? Leave our forests alone please!
jintag, Aug 09 2004

       This would be good for preservation. I don't even mind seeing a huge sign "A O L" the size of Alaska, if it would keep all the trees there and cause huge company wrath against anyone who would try to harm them.   

       P.S. If you could do "elephant advertising" -- paint company logos on African elephants -- you might end poaching, as well. Now multinational companies will go after the poachers, instead of a meek handful of volunteers.
phundug, Aug 09 2004

       Somebody down in Texas cut down a whole bunch of trees and so that the remaining ones spelled out "LUECKE" (link). No relation as far as I know but kinda neat nonetheless...
luecke, Aug 10 2004

       Is Luecke really spelled Lücke but the "ue" replaces the ü? Just wondering.
phundug, Aug 10 2004

       Nope... It may have had a different spelling long ago (German origin), but I think I would have heard of it.
luecke, Aug 10 2004

       Please make sure you buy a video camera before that happens [jscottpete]; I'm sure those sensationalist tv channels, newspapers and mags will pay a good sum for the exclusive.
Pericles, Aug 11 2004

       Yeah! Like the "Helping Jobless mexican halfbakers organization"???
Pericles, Aug 11 2004


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