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Thong Tattoo

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Ladies' knickerwear keeps getting smaller. But where can it go from here, when it's already down to a thread? This is the only solution. This is the next level. This is the thong tattoo. Put it on once, and feel securely covered forevermore. Easy to wash. No pantilines.
gnormal, Dec 01 2001


       Just a thong at twilight, When the lights are low And the flickering shadows Softly come and go Though the heart be weary, Sad the day and long, Still to us a twilight, Comes love's old thong. Comes love's old sweet thong.
po, Dec 01 2001

       [po] That'th thilly.   

       [gnormal] How will the blondes know what day of the week it is?
phoenix, Dec 02 2001

       Hmmmph! This should be a concern for you, phoenix, because if the blondes don't know the day of the week, who will you have left to ask?
bristolz, Dec 02 2001

It's always been the next one without an 'X' on it...
phoenix, Dec 02 2001

       Congratulations UB, you've replaced the thought of my parents having sex as the worst image I could possibly think of with the contents of that annotation.
CoolerKing, Dec 02 2001

       Likewise - I too had always been repulsed by the thought of CoolerKing's parents having sex.
(Anyway - how come lewisgirl didn't post this idea?)
hippo, Dec 02 2001

       Anything other than white would show through white clothes anyway.
Helium, Dec 02 2001

       right as ever, we dont need needles in the furry bits. i was imagining the little triangle of thong illustrated onto the top of the butt, and the waistband (string) line. these are the only parts of a thong that might be seen by others, so they're the only parts you need. (obviously there is no need to look like you're wearing a thong if you're naked.)
gnormal, Dec 03 2001

       [Gnormal] well that would get around tatooing the, urgh, ow, y'know, ring.
Citizen Rat, Dec 03 2001

       Oh, now *that* is definitely Baked. go on, someone find a link. I'm too squeamish.
lewisgirl, Dec 03 2001

       Citizen Rat: That really was a gross uncalled for image... as for CK's mum & Dad... Man, this posting was really asking for it! Eeugh!
sven3012, Dec 03 2001

       Hey, neat idea, i'll get a watch tatooed on my wrist. Just as useful.
funky_monkey, Jul 08 2002


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