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Halfbakery grammar game
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This is a game for all halfbakers to play with as much serious intentions as is common here. It goes as follows.

You post your idea with exactly the same grammatical structure as this post. All the words would be different but they would fall in the exact same grammatical outline. The sentences do not have to contain the same amount of words as long as the parts of the sentences have the same grammatical purpose.

If you spot an idea written according to these specifications, you score a point by saying so in your annotation.

This idea should be a little bit longer, as it is now becoming, to allow for a space to spell out your idea. Also this extra bit of length ensures your idea will not be too easily recognised due to obvious shortness.

That's it in a nutshell though, play and enjoy, providing the powers that be allow it.

zeno, Sep 26 2005

This is the idea that inspired me _22Find_20the_20Idea_22_20Game
I like it a lot. [zeno, Sep 26 2005]


       So, [zeno] does this idea itself embody the rules it specifies? i.e does it mirror another one?   

       As a separate comment, I have to say it sounds a little difficult.
zen_tom, Sep 27 2005

       DF's idea seem impossible to me, given the thousands of ideas on the HB, shouldn't there be some clues? and this idea also sounds like sardonic humor. If you write a coherent idea with sentences and paragraph structure and all spelled correctly, give it a flag.   

       Hey, Zeno, could you design a Halfbakey Buzzword Bingo website? A list of buzzwords is written up, any halfbaker finds an instance of the word, they go to a grid and make a mark. The first h'ber to have rows or columns or whatever has Bingo. Needs to be refined.
dentworth, Sep 27 2005

       No, sorry [dentworth] that seems a little childish to me.
zeno, Sep 27 2005

       //This is a game for all halfbakers to play with as much serious intentions as is common here//
Not the best example?
Ling, Sep 28 2005

       ok, I deserved that...
dentworth, Sep 28 2005

       //The sentences do not have to contain the same amount of words //
surely //number of words// would be more correct?
neilp, Sep 29 2005

       Maybe as annos to this, but let's not clutter up the server with non-ideas in a race to be cute.
RayfordSteele, Sep 30 2005

       "It is a name for most quarterbutchers to take with as little cynical comments is as standard there. They come over here.   

       You lose your anno with identically the lame rhythmic construction as this pole. Most of the Kurds should see further but she could sit on the direct opposite rhythmic chart..."
RayfordSteele, Sep 30 2005

       he he
zeno, Sep 30 2005


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