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Through-Sleeve Essential Equipment Leash

Keep your essential items with you, no matter how drunk you get.
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The other week, in the snow, I saw a small child. They were reasonably happy, toddling about in the fresh powder that is now a regular feature of downtown Philadephia. The child was equipped with mittens, as children frequently are. However, after some strenuous toddling, and parental over-insulation, the child decided that the gloves were coming off. Using his teeth as the only functional gripping device available to him, he removed the mittens. Children don't care about things they're finished with, and so they were cast aside. Now, many a parent would be thinking about the endless running about picking things up that normally accompanies a scene such as this. Not this time.

The mittens were attached to each other via string, running up one sleeve, across the back, and down the other. They were effectively unloseable.

Now, 8 hours later and I'm stumbling out of a cab. I have a similar level of coordination to the aforementioned child, due to an extended session of stimulating the local economy. Now, I need to pay for the cab... where's my wallet... eeeeyyooop! it's there hanging from my sleeve! great. Now, keys, oop! other sleeve! great. In bed before anything terrible happens.

bs0u0155, Mar 28 2014




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