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stuff that gets stolen

Garbage gifting technology for higher crime areas
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It looks like a gift bag, but it has an air tight enclosure. Store the dog poop from the morning walk in here along with an old banana peel. Store all of your car garbage in this faux purse. Did you miss garbage day? Wrap it up in this handy delivery box and put it out front for a few days. Someone will pick it up. We can help you with all for your garbage needs.
sartep, Jul 26 2003

Stuff That Gets Sad When Stolen http://www.halfbake...sad_20when_20stolen
Possible inspiration for this idea? [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       we're into rural myth territory here   

       woman I know swears she knows the woman who was carrying her dead cat in a bag on the bus to give to another friend to bury with dignity in her garden when it got pinched by someone getting off the bus.   

       why not leave nice things outside (like food you are not going to eat) for people who might find a use for it?
po, Jul 26 2003

       No, you wouldn't believe the stuff people take over the stuff they don't take. Wanted to see if I could get rid of my garbage in the process.   

       I try to give to people who are hungry like at shelters and town food pick-up. After the last time I gave someone money for food and he walked into a liquor store down the block I figured being had.   

       Non perishable food being left out is a good idea too.
sartep, Jul 26 2003

       I got rid of an outgrown kid's bike that way. I hope they fixed the brakes.   

       Conversely, maybe jewelry, extra cash, etc. at home could be kept in a box made to look like trash.
FarmerJohn, Jul 26 2003

       you can get little cash boxes that look like a tin of baked beans
po, Jul 26 2003

       Yes, Cedar, if this stuff gets stolen first then your stuff won't be so sad.
sartep, Jul 26 2003

       I heard of a mother who had to change the baby's very dirty diaper at some nighttime outdoor occasion, (probably fireworks). Someone stole the bag containing the diaper, much to the amusement of the mother.
TeaTotal, Jul 27 2003


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