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Thumb Thru

A single satisfaction metric
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Avast, ye bakers! I'm back!

At each drive-through, place a camera at the exit of the queue, aimed generally in the direction of the drivers' windows, and politely suggest that customers render either a thumbs-up or thumbs-down gesture in relation to their overall satisfaction with the experience as they breeze away. A simple bit of software should readily be able to sort out whether it was an up, down, or abstain/no-data vote.

Lots of garbage data to sift, lots of privacy laws to uphold, etc, but possibly useful data to mine. Highest satisfactions at times of day/week/month/year, intervals between measurements, etc.

Now that I think of it, maybe I'll code it myself and set up shop selling these to chains as a consultancy service...

absterge, Apr 26 2008

These guys dominate the market for point-of-sale IT, http://www.micros.com/
so you'll probably want some integration with their hardware and software. [pertinax, Apr 27 2008]

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       Why bother requiring drivers to gesture? Modern cameras can distinguish smiles.
DrCurry, Apr 26 2008

       buggar, I thought it was thumb but welcome back [absterge]
po, Apr 26 2008

       Sp.: bugger.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 26 2008

       <a word in your ear>[po] has a free pass on spelling 'bugger', just like her free pass on capitalisation, in recognition of her services to flirtation.</awiye>
pertinax, Apr 27 2008

       [Dr], I was thinking about your question, and I think the appeal that I can see is the sense of empowerment. Raising a hand is taking action to make a definitive statement, vice the possibly passive facial expression.   

       Buggir, it's good to be back.
absterge, Apr 28 2008

       Alternative: Middle finger/no middle finger
Noexit, Apr 28 2008

       I initially read this as Thumb Fu, which I thought might be a sort of martial shiatsu.
bungston, Apr 28 2008


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