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Thumb Wigs

Entertainment for the easily amused
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Start by drawing a face on your thumb, apply adhesive to your thumbnail. Put on thumb wig. Creep out your friends. Comes in long, medium and short lengths, blonde, redhead, brunette, afro, dreadlocks, punk-style, clown style and comb over.
jaksplat, Feb 04 2005

Sir-knight Mc Thumb http://www.imagedum...?pick=get&tp=199062
here's a start... [finrod, Feb 04 2005]

Thumbs http://www.oenterta...umbs/thumbintro.htm
Steve Oedekirk has done this . . . to death. [contracts, Feb 04 2005]


       Ha, I just saw someone do something like this. [link] I think the clown style would be my favorite. [+]
finrod, Feb 04 2005

       Thanks for the Oedekirk link. Altho I'll never be able to look at my thumb again without seeing Rush Limbaugh's sneering mug.
JungFrankenstein, Feb 04 2005

       Brad's hitch-hiking has improved tenfold, since he started wearing our new thumb wigs.
benfrost, Feb 07 2005

       Don't kids do this all the time?
DesertFox, Feb 07 2005

       [DF] Maybe they draw faces on their thumbs, but I don't know where they'd get the wigs. Shave Barbie perhaps?
jaksplat, Feb 07 2005


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