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Take one tumblweed (as it slowly drifts by) and place it on your head. Style it with a pair of clippers, then go to the saloon. In time all the varmints will be wearing them, and you may open a Tumblewig Salon (right next to the saloon) where you can prune and colour to your heart's content.
benfrost, Feb 12 2005


       ¡Pinche ben cagado! [+]
Pericles, Feb 12 2005

       Better than my dad's frisbee toupee. [+]
jaksplat, Feb 12 2005

       <Private Eye Neophiliac Entry> Are Tumbleweeds the new Custard?</PENE>
*edited because I can't type Neophiliac!
gnomethang, Feb 12 2005

       You have come a long way from "where can I get tumbleweeds in Australia", [benfrost]. I imagine you found a source.
bungston, Feb 13 2005

       Are tumbleweeds the new custard? It appears so.
DesertFox, Feb 13 2005

       Russian Immigrants brought along tumbleweeds? I can't see why for the life of me. However I am amused by the idea of people standing around on a ship as dozens of tumbleweeds roll around them.
hidden truths, Oct 11 2005

       I'm glad you live in a part of the world were tumbleweeds are so abundant. Up here in New Hampshire, we have to use stray cats and/or snow.
jellydoughnut, Oct 11 2005


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