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Trepanner's Wiglets

Small Assorted Hairpieces for Recent Entry Points
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After trepanning you may make your way to the vending machine located on level 2. Choose hair colour, length and bit size. Once the nominal fee is inserted, it will disperse a Trepanner's Wiglet to your desired requirements. Simply peel off the self adhesive backing and attach carefully over the wound.

You may now go back to work, kitchen, war etc and nobody will notice. Unless of course they are out of your particular hair colour.

benfrost, Apr 24 2005


       shouldn't you really let the air get to it?
po, Apr 24 2005

       I need one of these like I need an unbreached cranium.
Detly, Apr 24 2005

       this is sounding like a passage from Moby Dick
benfrost, Apr 24 2005

       It would be fun to watch the wiglet being dispersed.
Basepair, Apr 24 2005


       Pause in midswing ...
reensure, Apr 24 2005


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