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Thumb flash

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The next time that all important mail arrives and you're far to busy rushing out through the door ...you pin/thumbtack it to the cork notice board which is placed within the kitchen to be forgotten forever...

This thumbtack will {{{strobe}}} after the set time when this all important piece of post has not had the attention is deserves.

skinflaps, Nov 06 2003

Magnetic Body Light http://www.windycit...M_ID=6676&CatID=372
Part of the apparent length in this picture is a small but very strong disk magnet stuck on the end. They're surprisingly bright little flashy thingies. [half, Aug 05 2005]


krelnik, Nov 06 2003

po, Nov 06 2003

       Simple, inexpensive, and useful.
Worldgineer, Nov 06 2003

       Indeed a great idea [+] ... maybe I can get a rent check in ON TIME with these ..?
Letsbuildafort, Nov 06 2003

       So now my cork board can blink in time to the microwave clock, I guess...
DrCurry, Nov 06 2003

       Stratified in corkboard: "Note: buy batteries for thumb flashes." +   

       (It could be piezoelectric, I guess :P )
Detly, Nov 06 2003

       Note: remember to give [skinflaps] a big + for an excellent idea.
dobtabulous, Nov 07 2003


       How do you set the timer?   

       Could, perhapse, go in one of the product categories.
RobertKidney, Nov 07 2003

       <whistles and whittles away at her memory bank> +
k_sra, Nov 07 2003

       [Kidney] You could have them color coded for timing purposes:   

       Red - one day...............Black - one week
Orange - two days..........White - two weeks
Yellow - three days.........Gray - three weeks
Green - four days...........Clear - one month
Blue - five days
Purple - six days

       Then stick in the correct color and number of pins. With an electrified metal mesh backing under the cork layer, the pins could be designed to begin counting down as soon as they plug in. Your electric bill, due two and a half weeks from now, won't be late until the yellow AND white pins are both blinking.
Overpanic, Nov 07 2003

       The bills should have a bar code and the corkboard a barcode scanner. If I owned the power company I would give every customer one of these.
stringstretcher, Nov 07 2003

       I would definitely buy one. Or several.
modular, Nov 09 2003

       A huge blinking + for such a great idea!!! whoo hoo!   

       Bake this now!
KLRico, Nov 22 2003

       [+] I like it. I was always getting late charges until my wife took over paying the bills, bless her heart. To do it with only one microprocessor, maybe you could have the corkboard over-laid with a calendar. Pinning the letter on the date-due square sets the time. Micro in board checks for any pins in the squares (dates) that have past, and blinks them.
flypaper, Nov 24 2003

       GOODIE! +
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 12 2003

       no offence , but 46 buns for this?
etherman, May 20 2004

       Why not?
Worldgineer, May 20 2004

       Well - its now 51.
(+1) = 52
energy guy, Jul 30 2004

       reminder alarm on mobile phone ?
reminder service of various ISPs ? For persons who surf the net frequently, particularly to visit HB, such reminder service would be very useful.
vedarshi, Aug 14 2004

       brilliant and simple
vocalbill, Dec 03 2004

       Just posted LED thumbtacks, and notice this idea. It is much better, I think. I wonder if it will ever retrieve all the purported buns?
daseva, Aug 05 2005

       I've got this little gizmo here in my desk called a "Magnetic Body Light" that I wear whenever I go to a rave or go clubbing. (link)   

       It's very nearly the right form factor for this. If someone can figure out an interface for setting the timer then "Thumb flash" could be a reality.
half, Aug 05 2005

       You have some way of electronically transmitting a facsimile of pastry dough? With flashing lights on it? That you can stick to a bulletin board? Cool.
half, Aug 06 2005

       [+] tack this to your cork board!
xandram, Dec 13 2010


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