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Increased-width clipboard for lefties
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Since clipboards are all but useless to a left-handed individual due to the fact that your hand has nothing to rest on when writing (unless you turn it sideways, but not only can you not actually clip your paper, but you look really weird doing it too), I propose a clipboard that instead of being about 9" or so in width, designing one that's a good six inches wider, giving your left hand plenty of space to rest on. The metal clip at the top would also increase in size. This "wideboard" would allow us lefties to finally enjoy the benefits of mobile-hand-scribing.
MrJustin, Apr 14 2003


       Um, I uh, um, thought, uh, clipboards, um, ah, were pretty much, ah, ambidextrous, what with uh, the uh, clip being at uh, the uh, top center, of the board 'n stuff.
thumbwax, Apr 15 2003

       [thumbwax] the point is that while righties can rest their wrist on the board as they write left to right, the lefty has trouble with the wrist dropping off the left side of the board. As the lefty continues to write, the wrist has to pass over the left edge of the board, which can get very uncomfortable after a while. I'd like to see a wide board, or maybe a padded left edge to make the wrist a little more comfortable.   

       I'll use this little south paw to toss a croissant. Look at it fly!
sambwiches, Apr 15 2003

       True, a standard clipboard is symmetrical in design, but try holding one, with the paper in the center, and writing with your left hand -- when you start writing on the left side of the paper, your hand is hovering over empty space, which makes it more difficult to write if you normally rest your hand on a flat surface. Right-handers start out with their hand resting somewhere in the middle of the board. This goes hand-in-hand (pun not intentional) with the phenomenon where some left-handers get ink and graphite smudge on the sides of their hands - you start writing all the way on the left, and drag your hand from the far left side of the paper to the right.
MrJustin, Apr 15 2003

       I would say that clipboards are probably on the way out anyway with palm pilots and such soon this will be a problem of the past.
Gulherme, Apr 15 2003

       Granted, but what about the Amish lefties? Have you thought about what they go through? Huh? HUH?
sambwiches, Apr 15 2003

       the Amish dont use clipboards they use charcoal and bark.
Gulherme, Apr 15 2003

       Yeah, they do pretty good horse imitations, too
thumbwax, Apr 15 2003

       Is their bark worse than their bite?   

       I find I normally use my clipboard (I am a dexter, or right-handed person, not a left-handed, or sinister individual) turned at 90 degrees. In other words, I hold the clip end in my left hand, turn the paper so its width is now on the length of the board and my wrist rests on the exposed end. As I work my way down the paper I do have to shift it up a little, so I can see where a little size adjustment of the board would be a benefit. I suggest the board be made 12" square for use with standard letter-size paper. Croissant.
Canuck, Apr 15 2003

       But don't righties lose the edge once they get over to the right? Ah, screw it - just make the board wider already.
thumbwax, Apr 15 2003

       Smaller paper.
waugsqueke, Apr 15 2003


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