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Thumb loop plate

Suggested by me dear 'ol mum.
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Have you ever been to a social party and mingling about with a shoddy little paper plate or napkin that is ALWAYS teetering on the virge of embarrassing you? Fear no more - for these plates come with seatbelts. Well - sort of.

If you've ever played with a Frisbee (or flying disc), note the grip you use to get the disc flying. Your thimb goes on the upper surface of the disc while rest of your hand and fingers spread-out to support the weight of the disc from below. Now imagine a rigid loop in the top of the plate near the edge to slide your thumb into. Perfect for carrying larger, heavy plates laden with goodies just in case you have to do it single-handedly.

Can be made into a plethora of sizes and compositions. Formal ceramic models, and smaller sized models can be made out of plastic, or paper for the budget consious.

Letsbuildafort, Jun 29 2004

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       Sounds useful. Especially for eating the croissant I'm giving you.
DesertFox, Jun 29 2004

       Sounds good. Just 1 comment: need to design the loop for easy stacking.
trung2, Jun 29 2004

       Thanks, Foxy. Very true, trung. Maybe make their shape so that you can stack them so the loop doesn't hit the next up and so forth. Like octagonal or something.
Letsbuildafort, Jun 29 2004


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