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Ti-46 bike frame

Just like a regular titanium frame, but 2% lighter!
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The lightest non-radioactive titanium isotope. Sure, it costs a little more. But sometimes every milligram counts!

Really invested in that race? Try Ti-44 frame! 4% lighter than natural titanium! Sure, the lead bike shorts will slow you down somewhat...

GutPunchLullabies, Apr 06 2007


       ...or just use carbon fiber.
5th Earth, Apr 07 2007

       ...or just use carbon nanotubes.
BJS, Apr 08 2007

       //non-radioactive titanium isotope//   

       //lead bike shorts//   


       With a half-life of 63 years, it would be extremely radioactive, and not very long-lasting. It might tend to melt or self-ignite due to the heat generated. That's one hard-core bike!
spidermother, Apr 08 2007

       Wait the title says Ti-46 but the idea says Ti-44... Which one is it or is there something I'm missing?
acurafan07, Apr 08 2007

       Reynolds 531 tubing: one hell of an isotope.
Ling, Apr 08 2007

       //title says Ti-46 but the idea says Ti-44// [acuraf] Ti-46 is stable and light. Ti-44 is lighter but radioactive, and is proposed (I believe) as an extension or supplement to the initial idea.   

       This will not end well.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 08 2007

       Green jersey, yellow symbol.
lurch, Apr 08 2007

       The main idea, Ti-46 bike frame, is covered in the title, summary, and pp. 1.   

       An alternate idea, a Ti-44 frame for those who need even more weight reduction at the expense of their health, is presented in the second half.   

       I stand by the stark elegance and efficiency of my communication.
GutPunchLullabies, Apr 09 2007

       If a communication is kept short for efficiency, and subsequently requires additional explanation to make up for the shortness, it is no longer efficient, is it?   

       So, this idea basically boils down to "If you have an unlimited budget, build your racing bike from the lightest material available". [-] for extreme unoriginality.
Freefall, Apr 09 2007

       WEll, if you are going to do something, be it fail at communication or lack originality, you might as well do it 3X7R3ME!   

       Also: Ha! [I.T.]
GutPunchLullabies, Apr 09 2007


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