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WoMen Bicycle

get rid of the men's bicycle bar
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What is the function of the bar that's placed between steer and seat, while women's bike don't have it? It's more easy to get on and off your bike without one.
Pleez, Jul 28 2001

(?) how about this one? http://www.cannonda...sa/model-1VR4S.html
there's plenty of bikes out there that look like this [mihali, Jul 28 2001]


       Then, by all means, do.
The Military, Jul 28 2001

       The bar is to make the frame stronger. The reason the women's bike has one lower is a holdover of tradition, when women wore huge skirts. The lower bar kept them from having to lift a leg too far, and kept the skirts in a 'decent' position. No real reason for the low bar anymore, especially as that configuration weakens it.
StarChaser, Jul 28 2001

       StarChaser's right--when I was a starveling student I used a women's 3-speed bought at a garage sale for $5.00, and the frame flexed terribly whenever I pedalled hard. I thought it was immune from theft, being terminally ratty, but it got stolen anyway.   

       {Or, as Mephista suggests below, maybe it was just a crummy bike.)
Dog Ed, Jul 28 2001

       I'm sorry Mephista, but I'm a 26-year old guy, heterosexual (till now?), and riding a women's bike for over 1 year know, here in Amsterdam. It's a very solid bike, no flexing frame or anything, and it's so easy, especially when driving through town, jumping on and off when necessary... Do you really think it's not done to ride a 'girl' bike as a man? What kinda black-and-white thought is this?   

       Welcome to the next millenium, where riding a women's bike for men is still a taboo... *sigh*
Pleez, Jul 28 2001

       Interesting to know, Mephista, that there's no gender distinction in South Asia... And you're right about holding-the-breath, even here in Holland it's not really tolerated at all, allthough from my point of view it's still a joke to me..
Pleez, Jul 30 2001

       as shown in peter's link, bikes these days come in small enough sizes that the lower top tube is superfluous. also, my first bike came with a removable top tube to prevent damage to certain body parts while still learning how to ride. the tube was easily replaced and held in place with a couple of nuts/bolts.
mihali, Jul 31 2001

       [PeterSealy] you're still talking about a difference, and the bike you found doesn't look like a barless bike to me
Pleez, Jul 31 2001

       Some toilets in Denmark use a picture of a male and a female bike to show you one is which.   

       I had no idea what the .... they meant - i had to wait outside until someone else turned up and went into one of them so i`d know which one i was allowed into!
Pallex, Jul 31 2001

       // If you don't like it at all, just get a standard "woman's" bike. //   

       I'm sorry [PeterSealy], but this is inconsistent. The way you think sounds gender-programmed to me. I'm not telling there should be only one design, but that we should ride bikes that are comfortable. And that doesn't mean the Ford T idea: 'You can get this car in any colour, as long as it is black'. It means: 'You can get this bike in any colour or model, as long as it's barless'.
Pleez, Jul 31 2001

       Greatest Ramp Jump I ever took was on a light purple girls bike - after church - wearing Sunday Finest - Flower Basket on handlebars and all. Went ripping around a corner while picking up speed hit the stretch - the ramp - and fleeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww. The girls no longer had an excuse as to why they couldn't jump.
thumbwax, Jul 31 2001

       Oh, now I know what I did wrong... I put my right leg through the triangle, oops... *sigh* PeterSealy, the freedom is yours to buy a bike with a bar to reflect your gender (j/k). I hope you'll accept this generous offer. Generous, cause I've got to let go my utopia of barless bikes and accept that there are and will be gendered (?) bikes.
Pleez, Jul 31 2001

       I thought the bar was there so if we fell forward, the drop would not be so great on our groin.
NHstud1216, Aug 01 2001

       What's that, Wolfen Bicycle?
Pleez, Aug 01 2001

       I don't think it was designed specifically for women in long skirts. Getting your leg over in a short skirt is even more undignified.
Helium, Aug 01 2001

       Depends on what you consider dignified.
bristolz, Aug 01 2001

       It's an important point if you are under the age of 10, in this age group owning a girls bike whilst being a boy pretty much maps out your future role in playground society. So getting rid of the mens bar would leave kids with no real leaders as everyone is a potential victim. Of course this could all be avoided if parents would just stop and think about what they are buying young timmy for christmas.. Does he really want a pink bike with a little basket on the front?
Skuzzbag, Aug 01 2001

       I would definitely not want one. I don't think my male friends or I would tolerate a "woman's bike." Keep the bar.
NHstud1216, Aug 01 2001

       I remember seeing the expression on boys faces when they fell on the bar and wondering why the hang they didn't ride girls bikes too.
Helium, Aug 02 2001

       A males place in the pecking order on the playground and thereafter is determined far before they ever get a bike if their name is 'Timmy' - in fact, by default - all boys named Timmy should be required to ride the Girls bike with tassels and flower baskets.
thumbwax, Aug 02 2001

       I used to work with a woman who had a son called Tarquin. It told me nothing about him but a fair bit about her.
angel, Aug 02 2001

       well said - but 'Timmy' has a secret identity - it is "Timmy".
thumbwax, Aug 02 2001

       I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 15. But bikes or no bikes, "Alexandra" didn't do me much good in a rough playground in east Scotland.
lewisgirl, Aug 02 2001

       Finally! Someone else who agrees with me that Tim/Timmy is easily one of the worst names still in common usage. It's difficult to take anyone seriously when they tell you their name is Tim. (For reason why see Monty Python & The Holy Grail)
CoolerKing, Aug 02 2001

       Can you take someone seriously if his surname is McVeigh?
angel, Aug 02 2001

       I used to know a guy named Zain. He used to get fed up of spelling it out for people.
Mayfly, Aug 03 2001

       um... I would thing with modern materials being far stronger than before, we could remove the bar totally and end the debate. Would reduce the weight as well.
CasaLoco, Dec 24 2001

       But would leave it possibly too flexible. Especially for something like a mountain bike. Carbon fiber is strong and light <and used for super-high-end racing bikes> but J Random Biker wouldn't be able to afford one...
StarChaser, Dec 24 2001

       Giving women heavier, less efficient bikes really isnt fair. Proper high quality womens bikes have a top tube, but are proportioned to fit women, so the frame is shorter than the same sized mans frame. The modern micro-style of frame has a top tub dropped by a few inches for better clearance and lighter weight. Womens models tend to be dropped by a few more inches. Its is quite possible to build a bike with a single tube, either in the top or down position, or halfway between. Carbin fibre track and time trial bikes were made like this (until recently banned by the U.C.I). The traditional womans bike with 2 heavy tubes is an anachronism and a hindrance to women cyclists.
MichaelW, Feb 04 2002


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