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Cheap construction method for bicycles.
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The pentagonal frame of the bicycle to be made from a sheet of half inch plywood. The tires to be mounted on wheels made from quarter inch sheets of plywood. The attaching hardware made of metal and the remaining parts to be made of the usual bicycle parts.
Selig5, Oct 03 2006

One made from a 4x4 http://www.woodenbikes.com/
Heh. I didn't expect that. **See also Plywood Wedge Bike** (see lawnmower bike - Is this person a halfbaker?) [Zimmy, Oct 03 2006]

LikeABike Wooden Bikes http://www.wooden-bike.co.uk/index.php
Built for children, but fully operational. [jurist, Oct 03 2006]

more wooden bikes http://www.designbo...kyobike/wooden.html
more like what I remember seeing [Zimmy, Oct 03 2006]

Tino Sana http://www.netcowor...orium/bik/bike.htm#
More about the beautiful Tino Sana art wood bikes displayed in [Zimmy]'s link. Wow. [jurist, Oct 03 2006]

Bamboo Bicycle http://www.american.../BambooBicycle.html
There are many other versions of this as well, including a very fine example in the Prague transport museum. [xenzag, Oct 03 2006]

Xylon wooden bike frames http://www.xylonbikes.com/models.html
Surprised nobody has mentioned these yet. Pretty! [jutta, Oct 03 2006]


       I have concerns that the only two load transfering connections occur at an acute angle in the plywood.
I remember seeing bikes made out of wood, but I thought they had a more traditional frame.
Zimmy, Oct 03 2006

       I'll have to Google it, but I'm 80% sure the bicycle has already been invented. Suggest title change.
Texticle, Oct 03 2006

       Wasn't this on Anderson Cooper last night?
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 04 2006

       Two words about a solid-panel wooden bike:   

       "Wind Loading"   

       Try riding that in high winds or past a lorry!
webfishrune, Oct 04 2006

       Ha! We don't have to worry about that here in America; "lorries" don't exist here.
jellydoughnut, Oct 05 2006

       Surely it means 'something that is construed'.   

       That said, the constrution of this idea is not ideal, given the copious prior art.
Texticle, Oct 05 2006

       Articles left and not claimed within 30 days may be construed to have been abandoned, and therefore the rightful property of the finder, even if his or her name is Lorry, Laddy, or any variant spellings thereof.
jurist, Oct 06 2006

       What did it have to say? "Aow, wound' it be loverly?"
jurist, Oct 06 2006


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