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Sports Tie

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Sartorial elegance for when exercising in your corporate gym, playing squash with the boss, out on a lunchtime run with your coworkers, etc. This tie is made from the latest hi-tech breathable fabrics, attaches to the front of your t-shirt or running vest with velcro and comes printed in a range of sporty motifs, athletic legends and wild animals suggestive of speed and energy (allowing you, when you drop your marsupial-themed sports tie to exclaim "Me Kangaroo Sports Tie's Down!").
hippo, May 16 2007

Tie Fountain Tie_20Fountain
Inspired by [xenzag]'s annotation [hippo, May 25 2007]


       I'm a little bit surprised...
xenzag, May 16 2007

       I know the drink you mean! I picked up a bottle once at a shop in this really small harbour, on the edge of this heathland- based marsupial sanctuary. I've still got the receipt from that tiny Kangaroo Downs port.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 24 2007

       //I'm a little bit surprised...// - did you expect all my ideas to be sensible?
hippo, May 25 2007

       I'm surprised because it is so similar in name to my own idea as annotated on Mr Calum's tie idea i.e. a play on words derived from Rolf Harris's most excellent song.
xenzag, May 25 2007

       Ah right - yes, that was indeed the inspiration. Proper citation added now (see link).
hippo, May 25 2007

       Ian and Maxwell - very good. ha ha ha!   

       I live near whipsnade zoo where, as well as all the caged and enclosed exhibits, a good number of non hazardous beasts walk freely around the park.   

       Most numerous of these is the Wallaby. Originally an australian animal, whipsnade (here in good old england) have kept so many of these for so long that theirs can be considered almost a sub-species. There are hundreds and hundreds, a proper population, rather than an artificial collection of individuals. In fact there are so many that occasionally the zoo organises barbeques where a few of the more badly behaved animals are cooked and served up to the punters.   

       The taste is not at all what you'd expect, dark in colour and almost like game bird, almost like bacon. A sort of Limey-Kangaroo-Brown-Pork.
theNakedApiarist, May 25 2007

       Or one could speculate on the outcome of a scheme involving a number of containers, presided over by a person of wisdom, which all goes wrong when the sage drinks their alcoholic contents... Stymied cans, guru downs port. (profound apologies)
xenzag, May 25 2007

       One could indeed. In fact, my friend from Thailand, who is rather shy (positively meek, in fact) speculated on this very point and found it extremely irritating: he said it angered him to...oh what's the use? Let's stop this madness while we can.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 25 2007


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