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Tilting Veranda

Let the sun shine in
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I was thinking about how a veranda/patio/porch on the south side (or north in the southern hemi) is very good at keeping the sun out in summer but that is the exact reverse of what you want in winter. So what if you had the veranda hinged at the house and a set of motorized telescoping veranda posts......press a button and the veranda tilted up in winter letting all the low angle sun shine deep into your house, and then lower it at night. In summer you could do the reverse, have it lowered during the day to keep the sun out and raise it after the sun goes down to enjoy those warm evenings outdoors....
crowie, Feb 22 2007


       Cool! I could use my Tilting Veranda to wave at my neighbours, shoo away those annoying crows, and deal a crushing death-blow to the evil postman when he dares to deliver the dreaded post-Xmas bills! Where do I sign up?   

       BB, are you thinking Baba Yaga?
Canuck, Feb 22 2007

       No, he's waltzing a catchy tune.
methinksnot, Feb 22 2007

       I always though a jumbuck was some kind of kangaroo. Turns out it's a sheep.
Texticle, Feb 22 2007

       If Don Quixote had run out of windmills, I'm sure he would have turned his attention to verandas eventually.   


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