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Time to Awake

How much time do I still have to sleep?
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Most of us wake up during the night, and personally i like to know how much time i have left to sleep.

It would be a regular clock, analog or digital, that has 2 sorts of display. A small one that shows the actual time, and a big one that shows how much time you have to sleep left.You can choose seeing the hours, minutes or seconds left,alltogether or in separate( this only for the digital one)

It's a good way to encourage you to go to bed. "Damn, i've only got 2 hours and 35 minutes left, I gotta get off the internet" :P

NeoPiter, Feb 28 2005

http://electronics....icrocontroller5.htm [half, Feb 28 2005]

Death Clock http://www.deathclock.com/
This is how long you have to finish all those projects... [wagster, Mar 01 2005]


       I like it. And if the clock also told you how much time you had left to live, you might get up sooner.
ldischler, Feb 28 2005

       It could be done, based on the estimated lifetime for your social/country/health condition !
NeoPiter, Feb 28 2005

       I can empathise with this. its awful when the answer is 10 minutes - you just lie awake counting down the seconds.
po, Feb 28 2005

       <looks at clock, 2hours left>
Unfortunately, in his sleepy, myopic state, he missed the minus sign....
Ling, Feb 28 2005

       Lol, that's funny!But it could be solved by making the clock stay at 00:00 and not going further into minus ;).   

       po.. you betcha :(
NeoPiter, Feb 28 2005

       Aarrgh! Further torture. I'm suffering terribly at the moment. My fella is off work and I (poor me) am not. This means that I get woken up when he comes home from the pub blind drunk and then realise I have to get up in an hour/20 mins/5 mins/am already up and he's just falling into bed. (The licensing hours have recently been changed here to, well, whenever you want,really)
squeak, Feb 28 2005

       This would work for me because once I wake up I almost never can go back to sleep, but some people would find this useful. [+]
Pericles, Feb 28 2005

       po: if it's ten minutes, just get up! You'll feel better for it later.
DrCurry, Feb 28 2005

       get to work ten minutes early? feel better? how do you work that one out?
po, Feb 28 2005

       WinAlarm, a Winamp plug-in, displays the time-till-wakeup. It doesn't display the actual time, but you could use another desktop clock for that.
robinism, Feb 28 2005

       I am convinced that it is not lack of sleep that makes people feel tired, but the perception that they have not slept enough. The proposed clock could be used to test this hypothesis. It would not show the time, only the remaining time to sleep. Each day, the sleeper would rank quality of sleep on waking. At random, infrequest intervals, the clock would lie, and tell the sleeper he had 3 hours left when really it was only 30 minutes. Occasionally there would be the opposite lie, and 3 hours would be made 30 minutes.   

       I suspect that those 30 minutes would be perceived to be just as refreshing as a real 3 hours, and vice versa.
bungston, Feb 28 2005

       tpp tired to read bungsttoom....   

       thingk he has somethinnng...zzzzzz
po, Feb 28 2005

       [bungston] hasn't sleep research found it is the quality of sleep not the quantity that makes a difference. several interruptions during a 8 hour night will leave one feeling less rested obviously, but not for lack of those minutes, but for lack of depth of un-consciousness.   

       I found this true myself.
dentworth, Feb 28 2005

       When I set the alarm clock on my mobile it tells me how long I've got until it goes off. I'm not sure it's a nice feature. I like to be able to kid myself there's a good 8 hours of beauty sleep left when I crawl back from the pub.
hazel, Feb 28 2005

       I'm thinking something more like 'T-minus 10 minutes until liftoff...'
RayfordSteele, Mar 01 2005

       Since 1945 ? :O My average time of sleep is about 5 hours a night but... sometime over the weekend I have to catch up (though they say we never catch up those hours again).   

       If I heard this seductive whisper this morning..i'd have rolled myself to the other side and kept asleep for hours :P
NeoPiter, Mar 01 2005

       [squeak] How is he off work but able to go out drinking all night?
hippo, Mar 01 2005

       [Hippo] I am working.   

       He has also selected darts as the sport of his choice which cleverly combines a competitive game with "having" to be in a pub for many hours on game nights. Also, you just can't practice the same at home (he says).
squeak, Mar 01 2005

       // I like it. And if the clock also told you how much time you had left to live, you might get up sooner. //   

       I saw a wristwatch like this once. I can't find it now, but I can find a web version (link).
wagster, Mar 01 2005

       A cumulative counter: You have slept for x years, y months, z days, a hours, b minutes, and c seconds might be cool. We could call it a doze-dometer.
RayfordSteele, Mar 01 2005

       Rayford, post that as an idea ! :D
NeoPiter, Mar 01 2005

       Already did.
RayfordSteele, Mar 01 2005

       Wagster, there is also the reverse somewhere. It's a web-based clock that tells one how long he lived till that moment !
NeoPiter, Mar 04 2005


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