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smarter alarm clock

... because the dot isn't enough
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My alarm clock works great. Unless I accidentally set it to wake me up at 7pm, instead of am. I know that this happens to a lot of people, and is one of the more frustrating things in life. I would love it if alarm clocks had a feature that would alert you if you set the alarm time to pm instead of am. A little beep or something. That way you could fix the setting before it was too late. And sleep easy, knowing that you will be awakened at the proper time the next morning.
antoniebrentano, Mar 26 2001


       Shucks, I must have deleted my idea for a Military Time Alarm Clock, probably because it's baked. Of course, that doesn't prevent the problem of forgetting to turn the alarm on, or accidently leaving it on "Radio" mode tuned to a quiet station.
centauri, Mar 26 2001

       Instead of hard-coding in a preference for getting up in the AM, why not just warn when the time for the alarm is over 12 hours. e.g. a red light that when it is lit means: WARNING - THIS ALARM WILL NOT GO OFF FOR AT LEAST 12 HOURS. Or a green light that means, THIS ALARM WILL GO OFF IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS.
ufreq, Aug 06 2008


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