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Sleep Monitor
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As I am an off and on insomniac I often find that I am simply too tired to go to work some mornings as it has taken me until 5 am to get some sleep only to have to wake up an hour later, What I need is something that monitors my sleep time. So that if i have had less than say four hours sleep I should be able to have the day off to catch up on the aforementioned sleep without a loss of pay or incur the wrath of my boss. I was thinking it should come in the form of a watch that can be plugged into the telephone, sending a message to the boss! This would help redress the unfairness of insomniac discrimination.
Shirleen, Mar 23 2005

(?) Portable Sleep Monitors http://www.medcompa...asp?spotlightid=132
...are Widely Available - I've used one myself. But I think what you really need is a flex-time or telecommuting arrangement with your boss. [DrCurry, Sep 09 2005]


       Or you could just stay up and party all night and the watch will deal with any consequences at work.
wagster, Mar 23 2005

       Or cram forthe exam and let the watch give you extra time.
froglet, Mar 23 2005

       Welcome to the halfbakery [Shirleen].
wagster, Mar 23 2005

       So because you don't get any sleep, you want an extra day off with pay?   

       Find a job with paid sick leave benefits and you're all set.
Freefall, Mar 23 2005

       Only if you promise to work for that hour you spent awake at 2am. Preferably phoning suppliers, or better still, customers.
moomintroll, Mar 23 2005

       Some advice from a fellowette insomniac:   

       Try and stay awake for a whole night, do not even think about sleeping, use the time you would normally spend trying to get to sleep to get all those ideas in your head done and keep that up for at least a week.   

       I guarantee you that you will fall asleep at the right time by the end of that week.   

       If not you might be   

       A: dead   

       B: fired   

       C: one of those rare persons who are missing a certain enzym that prevents them from falling asleep for which you can get medication
Susan, Mar 23 2005

       Or D: get married and have a baby
Susan, Mar 23 2005

       or E: Fall asleep and wake up on the roof. There was this case a while back where this German bloke woke up to find himselfon the roof, and the only way he could've got up there was via climbing up the draining bits of the house...
froglet, Mar 24 2005

       I read an article about sleeping difficulties (read almost all of them) 4 days ago and this advice actually works:
"Lie in your bed, open your eyes wide and say to yourself: I must not sleep".

       For the first time in almost ten years I fell asleep within 10 minutes.
Susan, Sep 09 2005

       or better yet, why not just have nap time at work?
andrew1, Sep 09 2005

       Ow, that might work for some but my boss is constantly around.
Susan, Sep 12 2005


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