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Times and Seasons

Tell the date by the rythmic posting of clock ideas...
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It was a crisp, early World Day morning on Times Square, and the chilled crowds around the world waited with hushed anticipation beside the statue of the celebrated clockbaker, who for reasons unknown to the modern world, beheld a spade in one hand. It was almost time for the random clock idea generator to mark the year's passage by unveiling its latest timepiece creation. The spectacle had long-since ursurped the position of the ball drop, although exactly when that happened was anybody's guess, since the adoption of the new calendar had made all of the date conversions rather complex.

No one knew exactly what kept the ancient masterpiece running. It was said that the it ran on french pastries and custard which tinted your teeth blue somehow. Often imitated, but never beaten because nobody could understand the physics behind it, the thousand-year old windup idea machine would crank out new and inventive ways of measuring time, faithfully every month. At some point in history, the people had begun to start marking time by the date of the unveiling, instead of using the machine's creations themselves--an ancient oddity of the culture that began, curiously enough, quite unintentionally. Ironically, surrounded by exquisite timepieces of every type imaginable created by the machine, no one had the foggiest idea how to tell time on them anymore. In a cruel twist of fate, they had forgotten that, even while the creator of the clock idea machine was still alive.

Needless to say, they held the idea machine and its creator in high very regard. There was even a proposal on the books to reform the calendar date to the new BRC (Before Random Clock), and AS (In the year of the Swede). But it wasn't always so...

According to legend surrounding the manuscripts of the ancients, the creator of the clock idea machine would invent a new clock seemingly every week, 'like clockwork,' they would say, all for which he was regularly praised. The precise regularity of the event eventually registered with a few, and according to legend, the clockmaker was destined, or some say doomed, to his own success, for now all were telling the time according to his actions, and not according to his creations.

And time marched on. The clockmaker was turning old and gray. Needing a way out of his predicament that would spare the populace, the clockmaker spent his last real creative effort on the idea generation masterpiece, shortly before his death. What's odd about the legend is the cold reception the crowd had apparently given to it, because of the rumored forbidden elements used in its creation. "Belgian Bluetooth Nanite Custard!" the demonstrators would scream outside of his clock shop.

And now, the yearly BOONNNNGGG was heard. It was time for the next unveiling...

RayfordSteele, Nov 19 2002

Some references for the lost... http://www.halfbake...lture_3a_20Calendar
[RayfordSteele, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Half Baked as a core idea, methinks http://www.halfbake...eitgeist_20Calendar
[Nick@Nite, Oct 21 2004]


       This link's probably better as a reference for the new...   

       Nick, not quite the same as the Z Calendar, which would describe the total total time period as 'the season of clocks.' The core idea here revolves around keeping time by noting the advent of another clock idea, with some hidden references as well for fun. The story was for kicks.
RayfordSteele, Nov 19 2002

       I like your style.
FarmerJohn, Nov 20 2002

       Perhaps the time maker lives inside a Gott sphere, surrounded by matter, the gravity at the center of the Gott sphere causes the person within to move thousands or millions of times more gradually than the people outside at the perimeter. Eternally youthful to those outside the sphere the maker of timepieces merely thinks of a new timepiece idea every minute, and outside, there is a new timepiece idea appearing to them once every 40,000 minutes, or, about once a year. This minute, the time inventor thinks, I know, how about a 1000 bayberry bushes in the sun, melting their wax into a channel, and then at the base of the channel a funnel and when the bayberry wax lump reaches a certain size then a year has passed.   

       A minute passes and it is time for a new idea.   

       Note: a physicist named Gott came up with the idea that at the center of a sphere of large mass time (from relativity) would be moving slower for them than the people at the surface
beanangel, Jan 02 2020


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