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Tiny Everything Movement

Like tiny house movement but for everything
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This movement would be for minimal everything - subsistence food, fashion etc. pay a company to just provide you with the minimum and never bother you about the details.
JesusHChrist, Dec 18 2014

Tiny house movement http://thetinylife....iny-house-movement/
[JesusHChrist, Dec 18 2014]

Steve Martin's prophetic let's get small https://www.youtube...watch?v=fyWirJjuO5I
[JesusHChrist, Dec 18 2014]

Vonnegut already did it for the chinese http://en.wikipedia...apstick_%28novel%29
"...and the Chinese are making vast leaps forward by miniaturizing themselves and training groups of hundreds to think as one. Eventually, the miniaturization proceeds to the point that they become so small that they cause a plague among those who accidentally inhale them, ultimately destroying Western civilization beyond repair." [Toto Anders, Dec 19 2014]


       Self-bunning, and on Shabbat as well...
not_morrison_rm, Dec 18 2014

       It wasn't me, there I will now self bun just to prove it.
JesusHChrist, Dec 18 2014

       Minimalist is not the same as miniature.
pocmloc, Dec 18 2014

       I've heard that if you don't feed people as much, they take up less space, and if you restrict the diet enough during developmental years, they won't grow to be as tall either.
scad mientist, Dec 18 2014

       Can there be a Huge Everything Movement, so that I can buy up and use all the space that the Tiny Everything Movement will free up?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 18 2014

       I wonder what the upper limit and lower limit is on the size things can be. If for smallness would people end up thinner and shorter living inside honeycomb stacks of extruded tubes, and if towards bigger everything people would actually turn into another uncontainable large animal in an entirely new consumptive tier above carnivore, something that devours everything in the carnal domain sensually, digestively and sexually. How the more distributed variations of people-kind react in regulation of this has probably been an ongoing theme throughout history. Obviously speculating in the other direction toward smallness one might instead speculate the honeycomb people would be mischievous and perhaps more predatory and selective rather than all consuming in their tendencies. read this text in the correct way and don't be deceived this exact idea can be drawn with crayons with all consuming with an arrow pointnig at one drawing's mouth etc.
rcarty, Dec 18 2014

       There's an interesting question as to how small a brain can be, for a given intelligence.   

       Most of the time taken to have a thought is spent in propagating signals along axons - it's a very slow process compared to electrical propagation in wires. So a brain in which all the cells were smaller would, all other things being equal, be able to think much faster. Even if you shrunk a brain by reducing the total number of cells, the shorter path-lengths would partially offset the smaller number of cells.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 18 2014

       If everything was smaller, say then the brain wouldn't have to produce as large a simulation of the environment, which now includes the entire globe for the everyday person to consider in making ordinary decisions. Smallness in all things would suggest micro understandings of all things, for example global conflicts would be about who said what and who touched who first, who took all the lollipops and wont take turns on the swings. Larger brains would just over-complicate simple relations, such as people devising complex outsmarting schemes, and using brain smallness as the reason for not accepting them. When in actuality they are to eliminate the small brained unnecessarily.
rcarty, Dec 18 2014

       Companies will refuse to hire people not part of this movement resulting in literal slavery.
Voice, Dec 19 2014

       //Companies will refuse to hire people not part of this movement resulting in literal slavery.//   

       When you say "literal", do you literally mean "literal", or are you using "literal" metaphorically?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 20 2014

       I drew a picture and [voice] drew a picture and it ended in slavery that just shows whats in the imagination.
rcarty, Dec 20 2014

       We may have different ideas of what slavery is [Max]... I consider any economic condition that leaves a person working as much as possible on as little sustenance as possible a slave whether or not he could theoretically quit and starve instead. The chain may be invisible but she is still a slave.
Voice, Dec 21 2014

       Surely this idea is for people to stay the same size, but for their 'stuff' to shrink, whether in size, quantity, or complexity. If people were smaller as well as everything else then it would not make much difference practically speaking. How do you know everything is not shrinking right now? Perhaps that's what the apparent 'expansion' of the universe is?
pocmloc, Dec 21 2014

       Post-singularity, intelligence disappears into the multiverse via quantum interstices.
JesusHChrist, Dec 21 2014


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