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The End Contest

shamanic political protest
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This is a contest where people compete to see who can do the best live performance of a cover version of the Doors' song, "The End".

The competitors should be recruited from the children of modern wariors in the way Jim Morrison's father was involved in the beginning of the Vietnam War. This is sounding familiar, does this exist already?

But this would be a timely event for that initiative if it already exists, because of the change in administration.

By the way but on the same topic, here are my principles for the study of human powered flapping flight:


Everything is spiraled in 3d, either left or right handed

The goal is to adapt between one system and another

Spirals make things springy because there is harder structure going in the direction of the spiral.

Springs store energy

The energy can be imparted back to the system incrementally with each periodic iteration of the system

Tactile interfaces can be really sticky and precise or frictionless and bad, and shaped adaptively and tapered or with faults.

You can design shapes in 2 dimesions and roll them adaptively into 3 dimensions

Knots are important but more important with duck tape is just winding

Make sticky tactile interfaces with duck tape by rolling it into a tapering funnel and rolling it between your fingers.

Color molecules have different properties and can be separated out chemically by introducing more or less stuff like oil or thinner

Color and density and shape and electricity and sound all work interactively and together and if you take them all into consideration you can perceive how one effects the other.

Be gentle

Be simple

Use a knot instead of a nail or tape

Always stick with one material rather than two if you can

JesusHChrist, Nov 12 2016




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