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Tip the chef

Specify who I'm tipping
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If the food was the best I've ever eaten but the waitress told me to stuff it in my ear, I would like to be able to tip just the cook.
Voice, Jun 27 2008

tipping gone wrong http://www.youtube....watch?v=T-71ejQ53_g
why I'm not allowed in the kitchen [jaksplat, Jul 03 2008]


david_scothern, Jun 27 2008

       It would probably be best to speak to the manager about that and make sure the chef gets due praise (and enter a complaint about the waitress while you're at it.)
phundug, Jun 27 2008

       baked where I work. but I assume you're not talking about sushi bars.
jaksplat, Jun 27 2008

       You can usually tell the head waiter that so much of the tip is for the waiters, so much for the sommelier, for the chef, etc, if you want to specify. But [+] for the thought.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 27 2008

       just go back to the kitchen and ask to speak to the chef. stick the money in their pocket, that's sure to make his or her day[+].
jaksplat, Jun 27 2008

       What [jacksplat] said.   

       The chef could wear garters like people in other professions, so you could stick the money into them and they don't have to stop working. +
xandram, Jun 29 2008

       We don't go to THAT sort of restaraunt ...
8th of 7, Jun 29 2008

       Yeah, what jacksplat said.   

       But be sure he's not making a lot more muns than you.
nomocrow, Jun 30 2008

       Chef tipping is more difficult than you might expect. Chefs have a larger agility/mass ratio and stay more alert than cows.
sninctown, Jun 30 2008

       I think you can do this at Trader Vics.   

       You have a choice between tipping the bos'un or the captain. I tipped one or the other but wasn't exactly sure what it meant.   

       (Trader Vics has international presence so I hope this isn't too obscure a reference)
mylodon, Jun 30 2008

       // Chef tipping is more difficult than you might expect. //   

       In which case, you need a BorgCo remote control pneumatic stealth chef-tipping lift. Simply place on the kithchen floor, where it blends in with the floor tiles, and wait for the chef to stand on it. On press of the discreet radio remote control, and over they go ! Ony $4,799 plus tax and shipping. Void where prohibited. The value of chefs can go down as well as up.
8th of 7, Jun 30 2008

       Psst, Gordon Ramsey 7-to-1 in the 3:30 at Newmarket.
coprocephalous, Jun 30 2008

       If you enter the kitchen area vewy vewy quietly, sometimes you can find a whole herd of chefs asleep standing up....
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 30 2008

       //I tipped one or the other but wasn't exactly sure what it meant.//   

       Did you have a pina colada?   

       Bun for this idea. Just for the thought. I would expect that a chef would be compensated well enough by his employer that a tip wasn't necessary, but it'd be nice to have some way of saying "thanks dude".
Noexit, Jul 01 2008

       Isn't burbing after a meal seen as some sort of compliment in Italy?   

       Maybe if you just walked into the kitchen and burped really loud the chef would be pleased. You could start a whole new American trend!
blissmiss, Jul 01 2008

       If it isn't a huge chain, asking to speak to the manager about such a thing will definitely get the results you want.   

       (I've worked in a restaurant.)
kevinthenerd, Jul 02 2008

       I love you guys. I very rarely comment here anymore (vote though) and my ideas were almost universally rubbish-to-OK. But you guys crack me up. I honestly think this site has a group of people with some of the best sense of humour on the web.   

       (Which reminds me, what am I doing here?)
Germanicus, Jul 03 2008

       // what am I doing here? //   

       A good question. At the moment, the bar has gone completely silent, and everyone, including the pub dog, is staring at you with a slightly odd, glassy look. Pints are suspended halfway between table and lips; jaws are frozen in mid-munch.   

       Very soon now, one of the residents is going to say to you, "Yew ain't bee fraaam raaand here, bee yew ? We'm naat be keeen aaan straangers here. Yew best be movin' along, afore nightfall."   

       Essentially, you have two options.   

       Option A (the sensible one): Run. Run for your life.   

       Option B (less sensible, but makes for a better plotline) tough it out, go to the bar, order a drink, and ask about the room you booked.   

       If you chose Option B, please indicate your preference for internment or cremation, should any of your remains ever be found.
8th of 7, Jul 03 2008

       Flambed, just for effect. With a cream and leek sauce.   

       Do make sure you tip the chef, with my compliments.
Germanicus, Jul 03 2008

       Presumably the chef is getting paid just as the waiting-staff are, so why tip at all?
simonj, Jul 07 2008

       Years ago I worked at a seafood restaurant and we were required to give a small part of our tips to the bartender and cooks.
Cedar Park, Jul 08 2008

       [simonj]: the waitstaff in many restaurants - usually the better ones - live off the tips. The pay from the house is usually minimum wage or thereabouts.
Cedar Park, Jul 08 2008

       How do you know which chef prepared your meal? Can you tip the steamed broccoli chef but not tip the other chef who overcooked your steak?
phundug, Jul 08 2008

       [Cedar Park] Sounds like they need to unionize.
simonj, Jul 09 2008


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