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Tire whistlepig

Loved by skaters everywhere!
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The whistlepig is a 1 inch threaded plug with a built in whistle. It is made of cheap plastic and costs about 10 cents. When screwed onto the tire valve of a parked car / bike, it lets the air out while emitting a loud ululating whistle. Skaters and other miscreants try to screw on all 20 whistlepigs in a pack before the first one goes quiet. Thrillseekers hook up whistlepigs to parked Harleys and try to clear the area before the bikers hear that telltale wail and rush out to save their PSI. Cops thrash individuals found to have whistlepigs in their possession.

BUNGCO does not manufacture whistlepigs and in no way endorses their use.

bungston, May 03 2004

(?) Caltrop http://www.cia.gov/...tifacts/caltrop.htm
[kbecker, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Cruel, thoughtless, vandalism.....but I wouldn't mind having a few in the glovebox.......
normzone, May 03 2004

       public: evil: ululating ?   

       Every day henceforth, I will awake and thank the G-Dogs that this product does not exist.
Laughs Last, May 03 2004

       Most creative. Buns to you, [Bungston]. I am going out to the garage right now to superglue my tire valvestem caps in place.
booleanfool, May 03 2004

       For government use BUNGCO could build the whistle into caltrops (link) to better mark the car that ran the barrier.
kbecker, May 03 2004

       Let's hope that bungston never applies his genius to the forces of evil. Oh, wait...
Mat-C, Jun 28 2005

       If things could be MFD as "evil" this would be likely candidate.
ed, Nov 14 2005

       In addition to regular whistlepigs, there might also exist "feral whistlepigs", which are a much less civilized variation. Instead of screwing on to the valve, they would have a hollow needle, which the user jabs through the rubber of the tire.   

       Another variant (not so evil) might be "greased whistlepigs," which merely needs to be pushed onto the tire's air valve, at which point a pre-stressed spring shifts position, clamping the pig tightly onto the valve.
goldbb, Apr 30 2009

       I was thinking about the whistlepig very recently. An all metal version could be inserted into the exhaust pipe, causing the car to whistle "merrily" as it proceeds, until a backfire violently expels the whistlepig.
bungston, Apr 30 2009

       //An all metal version could be inserted into the exhaust pipe, causing the car to whistle "merrily" as it proceeds//   

       Actually this is baked as a theft prevention method. The device would lock onto the exhaust. I saw it on "Tomorrows World", maybe 20 years ago.
Loris, May 01 2009


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