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Tuned Mass Damper Hubcap air pump

Damping the weight pumps air
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Inside the hubcap would be a weight. Springs would keep the center of gravity of that weight colinear with the wheel's axis of rotation.

Dampers would also be attached to the weight, but instead of simply dissipating the weight's vibration as heat, they pump air into the tire.

goldbb, May 27 2009

Reasons why tires lose air http://www.kenkifer...pages/humor/air.htm
[goldbb, May 28 2009]


       Very interesting idea, though i am at a loss as to the intended use. It cannot be for regular refilling of the tires, which happens every 4 weeks max so... - military? after a shot to the tires have a sealant automatically close the hole, then refill the tire by your hubcap-pump while driving?
loonquawl, May 28 2009

       really nice idea - bit over engineered for a monthly tyre pump though...mind you.... in a lazier society which doesn't do the monthly car pump - it would sell...harder tyres = more life = more mpg...   

       on a side note..i often thought of putting my washing in a hub cap.....
undecided888, May 28 2009

       The intended use would be to completely replace regular filling of tires. When the car is being driven, the tires would be filled continuously, with excess air being vented by a small relief valve.   

       Of course, you'd still need to periodically check the tires' air pressure... but with this invention, low pressure could only be cause by actual punctures, not air diffusion through the rubber.
goldbb, May 28 2009

       What would the extra weight do to gas mileage?
DIYMatt, May 29 2009

       //on a side note..i often thought of putting my washing in a hub cap//
I'm sure I've heard of this for Land Rovers.
coprocephalous, May 29 2009


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