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Upside Down Cans

Print soda can labels upside down
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I know that 7-up occasionally does some novelty cans with their logo upside down. That's not what I'm after here.

Many times a soda can will get gunk on the top. The modern design has a nasty little groove around the inside of the top that seems designed to trap gunk. And then you have to clean it out before you open the can.

It really, really pisses me off when a restaurant serves you a can of soda and opens the damned thing for you. Then you don't get the opportunity to clean the top first.

At a convenience store, who knows what might be on top of that can. Maybe the night clerk sits on top of a stack of cans in the back when he dingles his dongles to the latest Hustler.

So I thought it would be better if the cans were upside down during storage and transportation. But the makers seem to be really uptight about presenting their expensive graphics. So print them upside down - i.e., so they look right when the cans are ass-end-up. Then, when you go to drink the stuff, you turn the can over, open, and enjoy.

The cans will stack equally well all up or all down.

quarterbaker, Aug 04 2004

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       You've never seen a can with a ring of gunk on the bottom?
Ichthus, Aug 04 2004

       I think someone invented a utensil that can be used to suck liquids out of a container without having to touch one's lips to said container. It's called a straw.
Machiavelli, Aug 04 2004

       You mean you never lick the lid after you open a can of soda? That's my favorite part.
phundug, Aug 04 2004

       hey, simple is always best! not you, dear. (too hot to sleep btw)
po, Aug 04 2004

       Good one, [qb].
lintkeeper2, Aug 04 2004

       What miscellany might be picked up on the "top" of the can where it is in contact with the shelf, floor, etc. where the cans are stored?
half, Aug 04 2004

       My my this is a cool idea! No I never use a straw and I have NEVER EVER seen a soda can with gunk in the ring, EVER.   

       It's to much work to open the droor right next to me to get a straw.   


       My,my what an interesting world you live in.   

EvilPickels, Aug 04 2004

       Thank you for reinforcing what   ( … sits on top of a stack of cans in the back … )  I already know.
dpsyplc, Aug 04 2004

       Good to see you back, qb.
RayfordSteele, Aug 04 2004

       They keep leaving cans in puddles on the floor / on dirty floors which could have anything on them. I propose we start printing the labels the right way up again so you don't end up with gunk in it!   

       You're creating a problem to solve a problem. Better just using some disposable wrapping. Wrap each can in cling-film which stays on it until the sale at which point the customer removes it and - hey presto - no gunk..
britboy, Aug 05 2004

       Now there's a simple yet brilliant solution to the problem, [britboy]. I wonder why they don't do that.
Machiavelli, Aug 05 2004

       The best way to combat this is to buy your beer in keg form or 30 pack form.
destructionism, Aug 06 2004

       In Italy the pepsi cans have a removeable plastic cap. That keeps all the gunk out.
mawgadog, Sep 05 2005

       Or perhaps buy your drink in a bottle??
gorjabuble, Sep 06 2005

       dingles his dongles? what on earth does this mean. dongles suggests more than one - and hustler suggests something rude. dingling? some sort of improvised testicle dance i imagine.
benfrost, Sep 06 2005


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