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Toast Guillotine

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I was cutting paper today with a manual swing arm cutting board type paper cutter. Man it felt deeply satisfying to slam that arm down as hard as possible like i was intending to precision chop a fisure in the the earth's crust. I felt like a superhero today for a few minutes.

I recognized it immediately, i felt that toast crusts deserved this kind of treatment.

This is like a manual arm paper cutter for toast.

The user is able to remove crusts with violent yet controlled precision. This approach furnishes the user with an experience unattainable with other processes, methods or complicated apparatuses.

This is just the thing for people who hate crusts or bread in general because of gluten or for what ever reason.

vfrackis, Jul 25 2014

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       [+] as long as there's no guard on the blade, or any other health and safety crap.
8th of 7, Jul 25 2014

       You are aware that there is a school of martial arts based on paper cutter fighting, aren't you?
normzone, Jul 26 2014

       Nice idea, it'd be good if somehow you were able to illustrate if with half a pastry or such. If only.
AusCan531, Jul 26 2014

       So, not the sharpened edge of a freshly toasted slice of wholemeal pressing against your neck?
pocmloc, Jul 26 2014


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