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Toasted Alien Baby Maker

grill alien babies and melt cheese inside them
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Toasted Alien Baby Maker works exactly like one of those toasted sandwich makers manufactured by Tefal ie It has a fold over lid, lined with Teflon, and a set of heating elements. The lid seals in the bread and its contents, as the slices grill/toast on the outside, and cook to perfection on the inside. Internal lines add contours to the bread, making it easier to cut.

The differences with Toasted Alien Baby Maker version are: it's slightly bigger, and has an alien baby as its matching inner clam-shell profile. (think two meeting pastry cutters, only alien baby shaped)

Larger slices of bread must be used, with more contents, but when they are finally cooked, they emerge fully resembling Toasted Alien Baby shapes, with oozing contents, especially if you use lots of additional runny cheese.

Note - some people may find the idea of eating Toasted Alien Babies a little peculiar, but they are fully compatible with a vegetarian lifestyle.

xenzag, Sep 28 2013

And, the ship they came in... http://www.toastite.biz/
[Klaatu, Sep 30 2013]


       Well, a better vegetarian option would be peanut butter, jelly, and banana, just as gooey, or tomato sauce and bean curd or paste.
rcarty, Sep 28 2013

       Of course - for vegans.
xenzag, Sep 28 2013

       First, catch your alien baby.
pocmloc, Sep 28 2013

       Why ? They're pretty bland … even if you marinade Reticuants in white wine, herbs and garlic, you end up with tough, stringy meat that tastes a bit of garlic and herbs.   

       Panda is MUCH nicer, gamey and piquant.
8th of 7, Sep 28 2013

       I also see cheese as odd in a vegetarian diet for the even more straightforward reason that cheese isn't a vegetable. Apparently, the resolution is that 'vegetarian' was intended to mean 'conducive to vitality' or some such, rather than 'eating only plants'. Thus vegetarianism is not in the first instance about cruelty or the exploitation of animals, but about a supposedly healthy diet.
spidermother, Sep 30 2013

       //dairy cattle are often treated just as poorly as beef cattle// - Not the free range ones.
xenzag, Sep 30 2013

       Can vegetarians eat chicken milk?
theleopard, Sep 30 2013

       Wont the acid blood and flailing tentacles make it harder to clean than say, a regular Breville?   

       Don't see the point of arguing about vegetarianism, let people decide what they want to eat, or not and move on. I'm not a fan of broccoli, but don't expect to have to justify that to anyone on logical or moral grounds.
Zeuxis, Sep 30 2013

       But this appears to be a recipe...
xandram, Sep 30 2013

       It is not a recipe, it is a utensil. Toasted alien baby is widely known to exist, but the idea of a specially designed implement for making it is entirely new.
pocmloc, Sep 30 2013

       I think it's patently obvious within the context of the idea that the baby alien in question is in fact the early-stage 'chestburster' adult form of the alien creature more properly known as a xenomorph, from the eponymous saga chartered by the intrepid R. Scott; to wit: they are well known as an exquisite main ingredient in toasted sandwiches and the lax adherence to case grammar is well- established within the imagery and promotional schema of the franchise.   

       The defense rests.
Alterother, Sep 30 2013


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