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Unhinged Bread

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the fridge..
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So you're making your sandwich, and the bread just won't behave. So you squish it with the palm of your hand and slice it across. Then just as you're about to bite into it - you here a small voice....
"They would have been making better sandwiches if they had been using pita pockets instead...your honor".
Moral: Be sure your bread is fully cooked if you don't want an unhinged sandwich.
goff, Jun 27 2001


       I prefer mine half-baked.
angel, Jun 27 2001

       [angel] That's the joke. Obviously not very well put.
goff, Jun 27 2001

       Very well put. I'd say.
The Military, Jun 27 2001

       [goff]: I know it is; that's why you got my pastry.
angel, Jun 27 2001

       English is a crap language isn't it? Now where's that link on HB about emotional punctuation...
goff, Jun 27 2001

       [UnaBubba] I genuflect at on the ground beneath your wit.
[angle] sorry - I should have realised.
Of course, it would be better if the also stayed shut better and kept the food in. If you could somehow make the pitta sealy...
goff, Jun 28 2001

       goff: pitta sealy!! Doublescore! I thought unhinged bread would be something made with crazy yeast.
Dog Ed, Jun 28 2001


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