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This toast cost a fortune.
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Each piece of toast from Toastradamus has uncannily accurate predictions scorched to each side of your morning nibble.

Of course they are written in three diferent languages and then coded so that you'll never know just what your fortune might be without your very own toastavinci decoder ring.

{limited time offer while supplies last}

In latin, J'Hovis is spelt with an "' i ". http://home.insight...l4/bread/bread.html
[Jinbish, May 04 2010]


       You mean you didn't realise? You need to get the old Collins Gem guide to Toastomantic Decoding, and start inspecting those browned slices more critically.
pocmloc, May 03 2010

       Fortunately, Dan Brown's new novel, "The Toastmaster's Cabinet of Secrets", is due in booksellers this summer to reveal how Robert Langdon once again solves the enigma.
jurist, May 03 2010

       Dan Brown is a charlatan, he lifted all his toast code ideas from a 1960s edition of Mrs Beeton.
pocmloc, May 03 2010

       So, like tea leaves, but with marketing?
mouseposture, May 03 2010

       The downmarket version could just do basic horoscopes.   

       // Dan Brown is a charlatan //   

       One very rich charlatan, though. We presume you prefer the shining path of honesty, integrity, and poverty.
8th of 7, May 03 2010

       + mine said I was burnt!
xandram, May 04 2010

       "Drink... your... Ovaltine."
DrWorm, May 05 2010


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