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Upside Down Toast

Eat your toast upside-down
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Last time I looked in my mouth, my tongue was in the bottom part & the taste-sensing portion is on the top of it. So why in the world is the jam on the top of the toast where you can't taste it as easily? GRAVITY. We can defeat gravity with stickiness & viscosity, which is simply a little bit of new recipe technology, well within the capability of today's computers.

We will also need a public education campaign to show people that it's acceptable to eat toast upside-down. I'm thinking celebrities like Kid Rock, Stephen Hawking, and Priscilla Presley endorsing Upside Down Toast Technology.

How about other things, like poached eggs on toast. Why not edible poached-egg glue to glue the eggs onto the toast upside-down? Most people eat poached eggs on toast with a knife and fork anyway, anyway they'd have to be hard-poached because soft-poached eggs probably cannot be made to glue. Or, some new toast technology could be developed that causes the soft eggs to "soak in" to be eaten readily right-side-up as well as upside-down.

For stick-in-the-muds and other non-innovative people, upside-down toast technology could still be eaten right-side-up just as before, it's just that now, finally, us advanced taste connoisseurs and free-thinkers will have the option to eat our toast the proper way.

Grunchy, Dec 21 2005


       You forgot the best advantage of all: If you drop the toast, it will now land right-side up!   

       Cute idea. You'd probably need much less jam if you ate it upside down.
phundug, Dec 21 2005

       I vote against this idea because proper jam (and marmalade) should have bits in it as big as my thumb, and that might require jam to be of the same consistency as wallpaper paste.
moomintroll, Dec 21 2005

       Genius, sheer bloody genius [+]
How about edible staples for cheese/ham sandwiches?
coprocephalous, Dec 21 2005

       (I thought this meant to eat toast while standing on my head.)choke... I think we have always been free to put the jam on the underside of the toast. Jam is thick enough already and bread is not yet labeled 'top' and 'bottom' so someone might get confused as to just what side it is.
xandram, Dec 21 2005

       I don't know about the food glue idea. Maybe if they could make it taste like the actual food and not like vegemite. Besides, you could just turn your own toast over any way you like.
DVineMissEva, Dec 21 2005

       I would accuse this of being a Lets All, but its just such a logical idea. [+]
Mr Phase, Dec 22 2005

       I like right-way-up toast because it allows me to taste the bread before it's overpowered by the topping. Hey, do you lot even *care* about the bread? <throws general accusing looks>
Fishrat, Dec 22 2005

       I like it, though it reminds me of something someone once asked in a chemistry class—why salt still tastes salty when it’s not dissolved. Well, it doesn’t. You don’t taste anything at all until the taste molecules get into your taste buds, and they don’t get there until you munched up the food and dissolved some of it in saliva, so it doesn’t matter how the food gets delivered. Now, jelly would be different, because it’s already dissolved. If you’re going to muck with the rheology, best to dispense with the toast altogether and get it so you can slather jelly directly on your tongue. With the right additives, you might get it to stick all day, giving the jelly-lover a taste sensation that won’t quit. Of course, you’d have a purple tongue, but turn that around, turn it into advertising.
“Did you know your tongue is purple?”
“Oh God, I don’t care. I’m in heaven with No-Toast brand grape jelly!”

(And for Fishrat, toast that sticks to your tongue.)
ldischler, Dec 22 2005

       I can't believe no-one has suggested [benfrost]'s most (in)famous invention - "I can't believe it's not..." - shirley it is bound to be sticky.
coprocephalous, Dec 22 2005

       advanced taste connoisseurs only for _that_ one.
moomintroll, Dec 22 2005

       Make a sandwich with the toast and have it both ways.
bristolz, Feb 16 2006


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