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Vapour Deposition Toast Topper

Taking a simple concept and making it really really complicated.
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Spreading butter (or your choice of topping) onto a slice of toast is a simple procedure, utilised the world over.

Let's give it the 'Bakery treatment.

The Vapour Deposition Toast Topper is a slice-of-toast-sized device containing an element-heated topping reservoir (calibrated to hold exactly one serve worth of topping), a teflon-lined slot to house a fresh slice of toast, and a series of fine nozzles arrayed above the surface of said toast.

To begin the process, the toast is inserted into the device, where it sits beneath the nozzles. The topping, having been liquified by the heating elements in the topping reservoir, is sprayed in liquid form onto the toast, ensuring good penetration of the bread matrix and an even distribution.

Between uses, water is placed in the reservoir and flushes out both the topping-to-nozzle feed lines and the reservoir itself. This used water (with residual topping from the last application) flows out the slot for disposal.

vigilante, Nov 03 2004

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by TheShovel. Part of the disquieting and extensive food:spray category. [calum, Nov 03 2004]


       If the topping is "sprayed in liquid form", it's not really vapour deposition, is it?
angel, Nov 03 2004

       I see this as a sort of general-purpose MBE (Molecular Beam Epitaxy) for bread-based substrates. Thus, to butter your toast you might heat butter and then, if you can find a way of charging the evaporated butter particles, use an electric field to accelerate them towards your toast.
hippo, Nov 03 2004

       I wonder how this would work for pb&j?
brodie, Nov 03 2004

       [Tabs] Charged and charred, eh?
hippo, Nov 03 2004

       Ideas like this are the bread and sputter of the bakery.
bristolz, Nov 04 2004


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