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Toddler tats

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Hipsters! Distressed that your tattoo of kanji letters is not enigmatic enough? Maori scrollwork on the arm too mallrat for you? Does representational tattoo art have you feeling like a Mexican mobster ?

We at BUNGCO have noted that toddlers given a writing utensil want to scribble. We have harnessed their innate scribbling ability for you with Toddler Tats! Bring in your favorite toddler (or we can borrow a good one from the BUNGCO daycare!). The tyke is given gloves and a set of merrily buzzing tattoo styli, you disrobe the part of your body you wish decorated, and the magic begins. Just a little, or until you say uncle - that is what you get. Come back later for additional colors, or let your tattoo speak of the artistic wonder of a young mind on that single day. With Toddler Tats, we can virtually guarantee no two tattoos will be alike.

bungston, Nov 28 2006


       Brilliant stuff. A bun for you.
imaginality, Nov 28 2006

       Odd, but thankfully not what I thought it would be.
hidden truths, Nov 28 2006

       Or you could have your kid finger-paint something on you, then get it inked up.
squeak, Nov 28 2006

       Or you could dip your relevant portion in ink and roll around in tacks.
nomocrow, Nov 28 2006

       Interesting. This idea was a background panel in the Sunday comics last week.
normzone, Nov 28 2006

       [norm], I think I read the same paper as you. I shudder to think that I subliminally lifted something. Was it Bizarro?
bungston, Dec 05 2006


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