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Some folks are plagued by warts. Especially for those who are concerned with body image and body art, and those who belong to a culture in which the display of decorated nether parts is de rigeur, the presence of one, more, or many, many warts can really make it difficult to realize one's body art aspirations.

Among the tattooed set, there are some who have the fortune to make keloid scars, thus raising their tattoo into a cicatricial hump. Such garish bodyart is the envy of those who must suffer along with flat, plebian tattoos.

With the new Warttoo system, BUNGCO tattoos two birds with one needle! Special designs and pigments can embellish your warts, incorporating their round nubs or cauliflower-like prominences into your overall bodyart scheme! For those of you not favored with natural warts, by including some liquid wart virus (Warter™) with the ink, the BUNGCO licensed artisan can allow your to grow your own. The warts will form along the tattooed lines, producing a MagicRocks like raised effect that will astound your bodymodding compadres. Add a gold ring or diamond stud! - or three! Warts feel no pain!

bungston, Apr 03 2006

Magic rocks http://www.waynesth....com/magicrocks.htm
Sort of like this, but on your body. [bungston, Apr 03 2006]


squeak, Apr 04 2006

       Special hair braiding beads could be provided for the hair growing out of especially larges moles as well.
zigness, Apr 04 2006

       I van to look like ze Sztegasaurus .... Now!
reensure, Apr 04 2006

       Bravo [boysparks]!!
bungston, Apr 05 2006

       he was a man of few warts and one the bakery's heros (see tyre fur for a piece of little appreciated genius of an idea) - especially liked cauliflower detail +
xenzag, Apr 05 2006


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