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Sonic Tattoos

Blood well body ornamentation
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Ever see those 'blood pots' people get in their flesh after a mighty impact? Like a car wreck? Perhaps you call the little ones 'blood blisters'. Well, with these pen-sized sonic impact inducers, folks who love body abuse for greater beauty, boasting rights, and tribal right-of-passage can get great designs drawn in deep, deep blood blisters. Blood pots. A row of rivet-like black circles across one's back or shoulders. A row across one's nose and cheeks. When they are highly domed and red, then they turn low, hard and black. You can get the same results with a blackjack, but it's hard to control the aesthetics.

Later, as the technology improves, big fancy designs can be impacted into the flesh of the aficionadoes.

And for the inner circle, imagine having designs impacted where only x-rays can detect them ... like on yer liver or kidneys.

GnoLackawitz, Dec 29 2003

Cupping http://www.rowinphoto.com/acupunct.html
[Klaatu, Oct 04 2004]


       I would imagine this fad would go over like mullets. Anyone can get them, they don't look good, but SOMEONE still has one.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 29 2003

       "Cupping" <link> can produce rows of decorative bruises for those inclined.
Klaatu, Dec 29 2003

       If you consider all the other things people do to their bodies to get a little undeserved attention, well, then this is definitely a marketable idea. The temporary nature makes it even more appealing, and it is all organic, no unnatural dyes introduced into the body.
kbecker, Dec 30 2003


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